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Neueste News

The development of Dofus-Arena continues and to prepare its future release, we are glad to announce to you that the Beta Version 8 is now available. This version contains quite a few novelties (Experience and levels for characters, team leaders, charge spells and so on) that you’ll be able to discover in detail on the Dofus-Arena website. You’ll also be able to appreciate the brand new Dofus-Arena website which will keep on filling out until the official release of the game scheduled for this Summer 2006. >>> Download Dofus-Arena

The new major extension for Dofus is now available. Thanks for your patience. Download now!Présentation of this extension...

Here it is! Dofus-Arena, the new Ankama Studio videogame is available in an "open beta" version. Discover this 100%-PVP videogame and get into the tactical fight arena!

Yesterday, on March 1, DOFUS won two prizes at the Flash Forward 2006, in Seattle. The first prize awarded by a professional jury, rewards the Best Game in Flash format and the second one awarded by the public, rewards the Best Creation Flash all categories taken into account...