This evening (and this morning, plus every day to come until January 5), you'll be the most attractive person to go and Twelve (yes, it's a verb, meaning "to have thrilling adventures in the World of Twelve", just go ask Myriam Websta!). Take part in the Miss and Mister World of Twelve pageant and win loads of prizes! 

Dofus Fatal Blow Mystery Box Shop - December 15, 2017

A Mystery Box straight out of Ingloriom is now available in the shop: the Fatal Blow Mystery Box. Put the perfect finishing touch on any fight by summoning Sacrier, Eniripsa, Feca, and 8 other gods! You can also pick up the Iop Fatal Blow, now back in the shop

Slow and steady wins the race — normally, that's great advice. But once in a while, we all get the urge to speed things up a bit! Starting today, your mount can be set on "autopilot" — in other words, it will take you wherever you want to go on its own, even all the way to the other end of the map! And all it takes is one dose of delicious and nutritious autopilot potion!

Update 2.45 was released last week: time for a prolongation of your free unlimited Magical Orb!

Dofus Kwismas Island is open! Event - December 09, 2017

Descendre 638: a winter wonderland emerges from beneath the waves off Amakna! As mysteriously at it appears, it submerges again after several weeks... only to rise from the depths again next Descendre. Adventurers, the hour draws nigh! Kwismas Island will be open from Descendre 9 to Javian 9 !

3 months of racing, 2,777 players who got their hands on the Ivory Dofus, over 10 years of subscriptions to be won, and the gifts from the 1-year and 6-month packs: Those are the main highlights of the Ivory Rush event. And now the final drawing is complete! The winners are…

Good news for users of single-account servers: as you may have noticed, Emotes and harness are available there! Also new: harness items are now grouped together in the Shop, in a sub-category of In-Game Items.

The Coulives and the Divine Set are at the heart of the new subscription packs, effective starting from today. From 7 days to 1 year: It's your choice!