Two days after the opening of the mono-account servers, the rush is still strong and fierce for all of you! Let us now take stock of this second day and review some issues. 

This year, we are asking you to take a part in drafting our 2018 calendar. And the time has come for the last step in this endeavour!

Following the opening of the mono-account server, you have been many to give us your feedback about login issues.
Let's review the situation.

Update 2.44 is online! You're finally going to be able to test the great new feature in this patch, which we've been teasing you with in the latest edition of Gamakna: the mono-account server.

For the first time ever, we have given you the possibility to directly influence the orientation of the 2018 calendar by telling us your 10 most important wishes for DOFUS. It is now time to take a look at the first round of feedback!

Impressive matches and awesome performances in the DWS! Did you miss this weekend's hostilities? No problem: We're here to catch you up!

The beta for Update 2.44 is online! It allows you to exclusively test the exciting new feature of this patch: the monoaccount server.

As discussed in the latest edition of Gamakna, as well as in a specially-dedicated news announcement, the subject of the future single-account server has been the source of a great deal of curiosity! The DOFUS devs are here to shed some light on some of the less clear issues in a new video