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Get ready for even more content, the unlocking of another step in the 15-year anniversary quest, a challenge, and a new series of quests that will arrive at the end of the month!

Online game DOFUS CUP 2019 Info - October 16, 2019

It's just your cup of tea: The DOFUS Cup 2019 is in the starting blocks! And it's no tempest in a teacup! (We hope you'll forgive us for this lead-in someday…)

Two weeks after the launch of DOFUS Retro, it's time to take a look in the rear-view mirror and tell you about the origin of the project, but it's also the chance to get out our crystal ball and talk to you about the future!

We don’t want to make a big deal of things but, in case you didn’t realize, DOFUS is celebrating 15 years of adventures. We know, we probably should make more noise about it…you know us, as humble and discreet as Creashun. Yes, Creashun! You know, the guy that saved the pets from the plague. No? You better brush up on your DOFUS history if you ever want to win an Inn Quiz! Anyway, where were we..?

They talk about him as if he were a legend or a ghost. Does he really exist? Or does he exist only in your dreams? What's certain, though, is that this dream-inspired draconic ceremonial pet is also colorable. Spruce him up however you like so he can be with you in your worst nightmares!

This year is an emotional one for Ankama as we celebrate 15 years of the Krosmoz! For this very special occasion, an artbook with the most striking illustrations from the past 15 years is available in pre-order in the Ankama Shop. The first 50 buyers will get a free autograph!

From Pandala to Nimaltopia, from Frigost to Moon Island, wherever you may roam, a home will always be that special place where you can kick off your boots, stretch in front of your fireplace and not worry about pesky bworks stealing your stuff while you take a well- deserved nap. There’s no place like one’s haven bag…

Online game #KTA: KT Finals Season 3 Info - October 05, 2019
Since summer started, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena Season 3 has filled your days with PVP thanks to three major tournaments. Now it's time for the KT Finals – the competition of champions!