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Online game Teaser: The Master of Dreams Info - November 13, 2019

Those who've managed to complete the Draconiros quest line have been the first to witness an eliocalyptic vision in the game. What could it mean? Watch the video to get an idea!

During her investigation into the temporal anomalies, Xelor's Emissary met a young Masqueraider in Amakna who could predict events that hadn't yet taken place. This strange encounter, although it had all the ingredients of the ongoing cases, seemed nevertheless to go beyond the scope of her investigation. She told Magus Ax that the case of the child had as much to do with a disturbance of time as it did the realm of dreams and nightmares…

Crunch, smunch, crunch… Do you miss that sound of Pumpkwins "screaming" when you carve into their tender flesh? Did you not get enough of Al Howin? Never fear! We're giving you a chance to scare the crowds with a costume that's half-goddess, half-wicked (and half-goddess again in the back): the Nightmare set!

There's been a lot going on during this Al Howin season, huh? Pumpkwins to carve, candies to get a hold of, chit-chatting with Malice... so much to do, so little time. Did you do everything you wanted to? We are asking because this is the last week of the Al Howin festivities. The pumpkwins and spooky chills will last until next Tuesday, November 12th!

Never were the nights so black, the fear so deathly, the mysteries so… mysterious as they are during this season. Just for a moment, imagine what could be hidden inside: a Pumpkwin? A Chafer? No… The Al Howin Mystery Box has much worse in store for you!

Prepare to be dazzled! KrosmoNote is the chance for you to learn about the next expansion. It will also feature tons of info and all kinds of revelations! The conference is on November 21, starting at 6 p.m. (Paris time) on Ankama Live.

As of today, discover the first elements of the next DOFUS extension! A new set of quests is about to reveal incredible secrets...

Al Howin's Day is coming up. Bats are starting to emerge from their caves, pumpkwins are trembling at the thought of being cut, ghosts and ghouls plotting to sow terror and discord across Amakna... but the time is not yet ripe for chaos and fear, but for creativity and fun!