The spell variants are coming with Update 2.45! While many of you are testing them within the Beta, let's find out the advice and information the Community can give you on Youtube and the forums!
From November 24th to 27th included, your DOFUS Shop catches up with American time to offer you Black Friday! Enjoy a 50% discount on a large range of items and services priced in Ogrines!
A little over a month after the release of the Mono-Account servers, the ultimate rush to level 200 has already been finished.
Krismahlo Island will be the venue for the latest Dungeon Rusher, scheduled for Saturday, November 25th and Sunday the 26th. Dramak will be there waiting, and he's not one to shy away from the spotlight!
Dofus #TON: Tournament of Nations Event - November 17, 2017

Have you missed the Goultarminator? A volunteer players' association would like to give you a chance to experience it again and is organizing the Tournament of Nations from December to February!

If the god Iop saw fit to give a speech in Astrub personally addressing Twelvians, the situation must be dire indeed… See for yourself by logging on right now and testing the Update 2.45 beta!

The area in which monsters attack has been gradually reduced over the years (and is now down to a single cell around each monster), but the monster attack mechanic has not changed since the game first came out. Update 2.45 will introduce a new system for managing monster aggression which we hope will be less frustrating and easier to understand.
Omega Levels Devblog - November 14, 2017 - [lichen]
With Update 2.45, we are adding a new Omega Level system to offer a new way for characters to progress beyond level 200.