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Soon enough, War, Corruption, Misery, and Servitude shall arise from nowhere (or elsewhere), determined to unveil their 4 truths! The 2.54 DOFUS update will be released on Wednesday, December 11th: that gives you some time to write up your will!

Dofus Cra Class Pack Info - December 05, 2019
From now until December 11, the goddess Cra fires a pack that's sure to hit the bull's eye!
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As the final stages of the DOFUS Cup are in full swing, we've increased the cash prize to 10 000€!

It emphasizes your overwhelming victories and your dismal defeats. It provides the tone, rhythm and color of the situation. It helps you decide if you should stay there chilling or run away as fast as your legs can carry you. On Thursday, December 5, take a seat in front of Ankama Live: We'll be talking about the music of DOFUS!

The Launcher has been officially available for one month now, after a beta lasting several months. Today, we're taking stock.

Black Friday is back! Starting today, there are two offers in the DOFUS 2.0 and DOFUS Retro online store. The first: 50% off on every purchase paid in Ogrines (offer valid through December 1), except Mystery Boxes and subscriptions. And the second: 30% off on all services (offer only valid on November 29).  Also, enjoy 4 new packs created especially for the occasion!!

Better than Enutrof bingo or Pandawa sudedoi, it's the DOFUS Advent Calendar! Starting Sunday, use fire up your noggin and you'll take home 25 presents before Father Kwismas even has the time to set foot on your chimney!