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Dofus Hyrkul: Smells Like Dofus Event - September 17, 2018

Nobody knows just how many dangers you'll have to face to get your hands on the Ebony Dofus! To keep you in tip-top shape until then, the ninth challenge in the Labors of Hyrkul will give you some "light" training. From September 21 through 23, fight the bosses of the Primordial Dofus quests and rack up points for your server!

Dofus Buck Anear Info - September 14, 2018

Elected sexiest pirate of the year by Glamumussel Magazine, Buck Anear knows how to unleash passions. Both adored and feared, his double-edged personality (like his blade) is the subject of much curiosity. Today, he opens up in an exclusive and touching interview about his life as a pirate, which hasn't always been fair winds and following seas…

Dofus Cursed Pirates Event - September 13, 2018

Vile buccaneers hold 20 Dracolytes hostage! Put an end to their tyranny and try to win one of these ceremonial pets!

There you are again, my buccaneers! The Pirate Skin Contest isn't enough for you? Now you want to try your luck at the chest game? My chest, most importantly! So be it: To open it, you'll have to stake the right number. And believe you me, to find it, it all comes down to cunning and luck…

We heard over the intercom connecting the World of Twelve to Ingloriom that Fatal Blows (or Fatalow Blows, according to Iop) are back in the shop! These god "invocations" that let you end your combats with class and distinction are now sold individually. Don't miss out!

The very first season of the Kolossium League is starting on September 25. Get ready!

Wakfu MMORPG Pirate Skin Contest Event - September 10, 2018
Notice to shipwreckers of all kinds: You have until 9:00 a.m. CEST on Monday, September 17 to try and win our loot. To find out where, when, and how, keep reading, you scoundrels…
Dofus The LeChouque Fluke Info - September 07, 2018

As Harry Stottel says, "Twelvians are social animals." Thus, they love spending time with their peers, whether playing games of all sorts, feasting, or throwing back a cool drink… or three. Indeed, all this happens regularly – and more often than that on holidays – at the popular Tipsy Mumussel tavern…