Join the five teams already qualified for the championship by taking part in the qualifiers for the DOFUS World Series – Winter Edition 2018!

Wakfu MMORPG Harness Your Basket! Shop - January 18, 2018

Did your dragoturkey ask for an Icy Harness for Kwismas but only get a silly bell collar? Time to make amends! The Icy Harness is free with purchase once your basket reaches a total of 9,000 OG! Take advantage of the offer until January 21.

Which server is best? STOP! Don't answer that crucial question right away. The real answer will be here soon enough, after the 12 Labors of Hyrkul! A series of community challenges will provide the answer, with proof. And it's starting this weekend!

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Ankama Nindash is Coming to iOS! Info - January 09, 2018

In kawaii but dangerous medieval Japan, hordes of skeletons are rising and persistently advancing on a small, quiet village. Who will be crazy enough to stand in their way and make them bite the dust? The ninjas, of course! Become one, unlock others, and save the world right now on your mobile device!

The two French eSport teams each recruit players from the DOFUS World series!

Wakfu MMORPG Wa Pack in the Shop! Shop - January 08, 2018

During the Thwee Kings Cake season, the Wabbits are kings, quite clearly. But apparently not enough so for the long-toothed leporidae who, just so they're guaranteed to be the center of attention, are burrowing their way into the Shop without warning. Their Trojan horse? The pack with the "wow!" effect: the Wa Pack.

Who will win the ultimate title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve? It's up to you to tell us who your favorites are.