From September 26th to October 2nd, the Hornmet is for sale in the Shop! Not only will the entire cost of the helmet go to the Red Cross to help with rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Irma, but that accessory will go with anything, because its colour adapts to yours
Dofus Dungeon Rusher #16: Dantinea Event - September 25, 2017

Ready for a new Dungeon Rusher? From Saturday, September 30 to Sunday, October 1, head to Dantinea's Palace. Be careful, the queen of the Trituns is hoping for just one thing – that you get tangled up in her nets!

Dofus #DWS: Days 3 & 4 – Recap Event - September 22, 2017

The gaps are starting to widen between the teams competing in the DOFUS World Series! A look back at two exciting championship days!

From September 22 through 25, get the Marvellous Woman Shield for free with the purchase of a pack of 4 Mimisymbics. Don't miss out! 
MonoAccount Server FAQ CM Blog - September 21, 2017 - [Izmar]
In the most recent Gamakna we announced the release of a new type of server is coming in October, a server reserved for people who play just one account at a time. This news has delighted more than a few of you and also raised a lot of questions!
Dofus Spend Some, Scratch More Shop - September 18, 2017

And, yes, we're doing it again! Why not? It's a chance to fill up (on fighting) and now also a chance to scratch (your itch for brambles). Because this time, the Bramble Set will be yours for free when you use real currency to buy something from the Shop

Dofus #DWS: Days 1 & 2 – Recap Event - September 15, 2017

The Dofus World Series championship took off at full throttle last weekend! Let's take a look at these first two days together.

Dofus Scary-Cool Subscription Packs Shop - September 06, 2017

The time has come to unveil new subscription packs! We're in classic horror and fantasy territory here, offering you spine-tingling gifts!