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Silam designs cosmetic items for DOFUS just for the fun of it. At Ankama's invitation, he came to meet the DOFUS team and to have one of his items, chosen by you, created and implemented in the game!

Finally! The doors to cocoa paradise are open wide. But now that the chocolate is flowing freely and thoughts of whipped cream are filling your mind, one crucial question rises like the cherry on top: "Wait! What am I going to wear?" Haven't you heard of the Baker ceremonial set?

Online game Sadida's Favorite Info - April 17, 2019

The investigation was spinning its wheels for Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet. Even though they'd made the connection between three frankly bizarre affairs near Zaaps, they were horribly short on clues. Doubt was slowly settling in – what if the temporal anomalies stopped appearing?

The era of chocolate in all its forms is here – dark, milk and white, mousse, cake and syrup, crunchy, sticky, runny, and even… in the form of a Dofus and a Dragoone. Explore a whole new floating island and reveal its delicious secrets!

The temporis server closed its doors last week and it's now time to send the rewards, the ceremonial items bought, the Dungeon Rusher shields and the XP Potion.

Tomorrow, with the arrival of Fleaster Island, a new dragon egg will make its chocolaty debut – the Cocoa Dofus. Do you crave it too?

+ de Dofus A Chocolate Tune! Info - April 12, 2019

The first sounds from the floating island of Fleaster, as it comes ever closer, have reached us. We were able to capture them using the latest cutting-edge technology perfected by geniuses in the World of Twelve. Check out the musical ambiance in this mysterious universe…

From April 16 to May 14, chocolate will be flowing freely in your MMO. And when cocoa lovers hear of the existence of an all-chocolate dragon egg, things are going to get… nuts!