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The Black Dragoone has left the World of Twelve to visit our good old Earth! All it needs now is a bit of space on your sofa, and it'll give you all the hugs in the world… Check it out in the Ankama Shop!

The latest Ankama Editions releases, new board games for your evenings with family or friends, the latest on DOFUS, WAKFU and DOFUS Touch, merchandise – this new episode of Ankama (Not) Live has, yet again, many surprises in store for you!

For this update centered around the Vulbis Dofus, two areas are in the spotlight: Crocuzko Island and the Dreggon Peninsula. Although the Vulbis quest will take you there, they're entirely separate areas with new monsters, equipment, and dungeons awaiting you!

Dofus June 7 Is Gobbstock! Event - June 05, 2019

Created by a brotherhood of bards with the famous Veronika Gobbstock as their band leader, the Gobbstock Festival brings together aspiring musicians, seasoned warblers, and Sunday music lovers. It's the opportunity to meet up with friends and croon the hits of the greatest minstrels in the World of Twelve. But that's not all! Be in the game on Friday, June 7 for an event that'll make everyone happy!

Update 2.52, entitled "The Revenge of the Feathered Dragon", will soon be online! While the main focus is on the mysterious Vulbis Dofus, that's not all it includes. Discover what's in store in the following news update and trailer!

The Kolossium is starting its 4th season, and there are some changes in store for the scoring system. Don't wait: read all about them right now!
Online game KT Finals Season 2 Info - May 31, 2019
After months of clashes, the 16 best PVP teams in Dofus qualified for the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena end-of-season tournament. Both the stakes and the rewards are significant: €3,000 and places at the final phases of the Dofus Cup are up for grabs for the bravest!
Dofus The Shuccubus Info - May 30, 2019

The Eniripsa Odile Bile was being uncompromising: "No! Mr. Mystheur cannot go to Frigost in this state!" Thanks to her, he therefore got one more week. So, Agent Skelet had gone to scout the Zaap in the Snowbound Village. Was the Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs going to finally get to the bottom of the temporal anomalies?