From Friday to Monday (May 25th to 28th), get a second chance with the Ush Galesh Dungeon Rusher Rewind! Sharpen your claws to tame the most terrifying tomcat of all! The prize: an Ush Shield up for grabs.
Dofus Free Magmatic Emote! Shop - May 18, 2018
Today through May 21, get fired up for this exclusive offer! Get the Magmatic Emote for free with any single purchase of 9,000 ogrines or more from the online shop. Don't miss out!

The inns around the World of Twelve have been celebrating Echo’s anniversary; beer has been flowing, kegs emptied, discarded cocalane bottles found next to drained vodkawa flasks… rumour has it that you can even get your hands on some bootleg corktails if you are happy to loosen your purse strings.

The 12 Labors of Hyrkul are going a step further. April showers brought May flowers, and now you'll need to bring it! You'll have to be resourceful for your server to take home the 2018 title! From Friday, May 18 through Sunday May, 20, it's time to reap what you didn't sow.

Wakfu MMORPG 50% Off Living Sets Shop - May 11, 2018
From Friday, May 11 through Monday, May 14, talking capes, bartering boots, and hats that'll bowl you over are yours! After that, you can always say that your friends are always on your back… Don't miss out!
You enjoy reading the quest texts? You have lost track of time leafing through the Amakna library books? Conversing with the wise ones around the World of Twelve? You know the history of the Krozmos like the back of your hand? Then this competition is for you.
Starting today until May 14 at 10 a.m. CEST, , Twelvians will have a good reason to grab their brooms and feather dusters! Indeed, they can undertake a major spring cleaning and participate in the best Haven Bag decoration contest , to attempt to win lots of prizes !

Do you remember that first Echo day, back on May 2nd 2017?
Echo was the pioneer of the server merger initiative and its players have led the way in community spirit ever since…