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After several weeks of intense reflection, of tests, and several liters of coffee (yes we use metric system) and heated discussions, here are the modifications that we will deploy on official servers on Tuesday 26th of February (no postponement or twists and turns this time).

"His name's Ogrest. I drew several portraits, and even made a model," announced the Sram. He spread everything out in front of the woman standing in the shadows. "So?" she replied dryly… But how did this story lead to the creation of the Ogrest pack in the Ankama Shop today?!

Online game A Gladiapack to Unleash Fury Shop - February 21, 2019

Can you hear the crowd? It's clamoring for you. You, the Twelvian who became and adventurer, the adventurer who became a great warrior, the warrior who defied everyone in his way. An extraordinary story… And what could be more glorious than enshrining your status with strength and honor by donning the attributes in the Gladiapack?

It's important that we involve you more effectively in changes to the classes in DOFUS. This is part of our efforts to collaborate more closely with our players, and for that, we're proposing the following plan.

We've already mentioned the arrival of a new narrative arc in the Krosmoz. Now it's time to tell you more about it!

In response to your feedback on the rewards linked to Temporis II, we held a poll to find out what you'd like. The results are in: with 42% of the votes, the theme that came in first was (drum roll) Nox! Here's a glimpse of what'll be waiting for you soon in the game.

Every year, it's the same old song: couples get together (or back together just for the week); and singles feel the pressure (or stock up and lock themselves away). What is sure is that, just like Kwismas, Fleaster and Al Howin, everyone loves Saint Ballotwine!

An expanded reprint of volumes 15 and 16, volume 8 of the DOFUS Double Manga is available for pre-order in the Ankama Shop! And the cherry on top is: The first 20 buyers will get a signed copy!*