[DOFUS] Veldin - The quest for the bird of time & Cloudy Dofus

The quest for the bird of time with osa (Beehiveone) - panda - sram - masq

-Bird of time will rholl back every 3 turns (3,6,9,12,15).
-The rholl back deals ~2000 earth dmg on 0%res.
-You are not affected by rholl back when you are in CC range of the bird, but you will receive permanent -15%resistance.
-if you are on a telefrag immune glyph, you receive the rholl back dmg, but not the -15% permanent res.
-You can create an immunity glyph by walking one cell forward and putting a summon behind you (the summon can't move).
-The bird deals random element dmg to every character, on the start of every turn.

We used int/res builds on panda & osa so they can keep eachother alive.
Sram & masq heal from the bird and end up in CC range on rhollback turn.