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Weekly Recap!By: [Thanatos] - yesterday
Here's a recap of everything that came out this week, and then some...


Server Merger
We've recently completed a multi-year comprehensive study, and the time has come: we're merging the DOFUS servers, starting on October 11 with the international servers!
New DOFUS trailer
  • The torch has been passed down to you, young soul. Bring prosperity back to this world. Find the dragon eggs! Find the Dofus! You can watch the new trailer here.

Expeditions: a new gameplay mechanic
  • Expeditions have been delayed and will officially start next week on Tuesday, October 4! 
  • You can consult the updated Expeditions calendar here.
  • For more information about expeditions, check out our devblog about it!

Kolossium 16th Season
  • Did you catch your breath, rehydrated, and cracked your neck and are ready to go? For what, you ask?! For the new Kolossium season, obviously! There's no rest for true warriors… Season 16 started September 27!


  • Check out our new Dark and White City setsBontarians, just like Brakmarians, go to ridiculous lengths to make the other side feel as worthy as peki poop. Now we're giving them a chance to do exactly that and then some with an outfit that will give them yet another shot at the top spot on the podium!

Have a great weekend! cool
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