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Game Modifications - November 8, 2011

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - November 07, 2011, 20:12:25

Here is the list of changes for this patch:

  • The ratings of all characters are reset (while maximum ratings are kept) to correct problems with ratings no longer changing and not corresponding to the power of certain characters. Other rating resets might happen if we deem necessary.
  • The rate of rating changes is corrected: the ratings continue to evolve gradually even after participating in a large number of fights.
  • The system for forming teams (Matchmaking) is improved: characters or teams with very high or very low ratings should be offered fights more often.
  • The overall waiting time for fights is reduced, with waiting time tiers going from 10/20/30 minutes to 5/10/15 minutes. Note that such waiting periods reflect the time that the matchmaking system waits prior to the expansion of its search criteria.
  • Predetermined teams that include the same class more than once will no longer be submitted to an extended waiting time.

Other changes are being developed and tested internally to improve the assessment of the quality of fights. These changes should reduce the waiting time prior to fights and reduce abnormal increases or decreases in rating.
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Due to the reset of daily player ratings, Kolostokens rewards will not be distributed today.

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