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Game Modifications - April 10, 2012

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - April 10, 2012, 14:07:25
Modification added to the game by the 2.6.1 patch
A client patch and a server update will be deployed after the 10/04/12 maintenance.
Here is the list of changes:

  • In the market interface, the quantity and price of items put in sale are now correctly saved.
  • The maximum number of item that may be put in sale on a market changes from 20 to 40.
  • The maximum duration of a sale in a market changes from 2 to 4 weeks.

Pets :
  • In the inventory, even if croquette potions does not display in the list of usable food for a pet, you may now once more drag them on a pet to feed them the potion.

  • Health point are now properly updated in the group interface during a fight (however, display of temporary vitality bonus will not be fixed until a future major patch).
  • In the end of fight interface, the tool tips now properly displays when hovering (Especially when hovering over the experience gage - which once more displays progression toward next level).
  • A character's AP is properly calculated when standing on multiple glyphs or when a character starts his turn in a bomb wall.
  • The summoned class Dopple now use his summoner's color even if the summoner is mounted.
  • Karcham : May no longer be cast while in the carried state.

Perceptor :
  • Perceptors that are blocked on old, inaccessible dungeon maps are deleted. Characters that are still present on those maps will be teleported to their class statue after the maintenance.

Breeding and mounts :
  • Mounts that are not sharing any experience with their owner now properly receive the base experience amount.
  • Mounts of other character are no longer visible in public paddocks.
  • Mounts that were just born are now once more displayed in the paddock interface when the correct filter is selected.
  • The mount interface is now properly closed when the equipped mount is released.
  • Mount may once more be fed when the paddock interface is opened.
  • Aura are now once more displayed when a character is mounted.

Dungeon :
  • Lord Crow is back in his dungeon.
  • Character transformed in pets in the pet dungeon may no longer randomly die when an ally dies.
  • The name of the Dungeon Keeper and Archmonster are now properly displayed when hovering on a soul stone.
  • The Kolossos soul stone is fixed : It now correctly contains a Gluttonous Brockhard and does not display ???.
  • Foster Fuji Snowfoux: The experience given by this monster has been corrected (it was abnormally low). The amount of experience given by Fuji Snowfoux (The monster that spawns outside the dungeon) was not raised.

  • The NPC in the Snowbound Village now correctly accounts for the status of the Snowfoux Invasion. Their dialog changes depending on the state of the invasion, allowing character to continue their quests.

  • The Kolossium building is now accessible in the Heroic server.
  • Double clicking can once again be used on targetable items in the shortcut bar.
  • Deactivating all shortcut in the options now longer deactivates the "Enter" key as a means of sending a message in the chat window.
  • In Spanish and German, a space is once more present after the ":" character (in the chat interface and item thumbnails).
  • The two new filters (Possessions and Landmarks) are now correctly translated in all language of the DOFUS client.
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