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[Changelog] Version 2.7.0 - June 26, 2012

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - June 26, 2012, 18:36:18
[size=18]Adaptable Dungeon Difficulty System :[/size]

A new system of adaptable difficulty is added to all the dungeons in the game (with the exception of the Lord Crow Dungeon). It allows doing dungeons with groups of 4 to 8 characters. The difficulty of the dungeons adapts to the size of the group of characters.
All dungeons now use the model of 4 rooms and 1 special boss room in order to reduce the length of dungeons and allow players to focus on the more challenging and interesting fights.

A devblog discussing this system in detail is available here.

[size=18]Foggernaut Class :[/size]

The new Foggernaut class will be available for Premium members and owners of the DOFUS Mag.
A devblog article giving an overview of the class is available here.

[size=18]Maps and Areas :[/size]

  • The north and south areas of Amakna as well as their houses and workshops are visually improved.
  • The mines of Amakna are visually improved.
  • The interior design of the houses at the Castle of Amakna is visually improved.
  • The Sufokia area is entirely reworked and graphically improved. A Zaap and several Zaapis are added to improve the accessibility of this area.
  • A temple for the Foggernaut class is added in Sufokia.
  • The Larva, Tofu and Scaraleaf dungeons, as well as the Jellith Dimension, are visually improved.
  • The Dreggon Peninsula area is visually improved.
  • A devblog article about the graphic improvements is available here.

[size=18]Vulkania :[/size]

  • A devblog article discussing the changes made to Vulkania is available here.
  • [*]The majority of quests related to Vulkanian tourist activities are reset upon taking the boat to the archipelago. A new passport can be obtained from Betty Boom. Adventurers need to earn the
    Happy Camper Medal of this year’s tourist season in order to get a Madreggon. Certain quests, like the “Soul Safari” series and “Tarada Bay’s Secret”, are not reset. It is, however, possible to restart “Soul Safari” if the quest series was completed last summer.
  • Two new weekly activities are offered this year. The first one is a competition between the islands Vulkorog and Otomaisle: choose your team by talking to Huckle Ingon or Seamus Tard, and win emotes and consumable items. The second is a bet between two employees of the agency. Talk to Bo Pye and show him a valid Happy Camper Medal to learn more.
  • If you have revealed the secret of Tarada Bay, you can find out about a certain shady business. Earn back your Happy Camper Medal, and contact Matt Hematik or Tony Bleurgh. Your reward will depend on the choice you make.
  • The community challenges required to access the lair of Grozilla and Grasmera now only need to be completed once for the whole season and no longer once per week. As soon as the cave opens, it will remain open until the next season.
  • Sauroshell Heart challenge : Bonny Tyling now requires more hearts, but in return, the Raw Sauroshells can be found more easily. Adventurers hunting in the crater adjusted for their level range gain extra hearts.
  • Chthonian Slab Enigma challenge : the number of characters required to pass the challenge is reduced (from 64 to 36). New NPCs are placed in the slab rooms in order to guide the players in the orientation phase. Matt Hematik also left an additional clue.
  • The different craters are now accessible to characters of all levels. However, the monsters haunting these craters remain adapted to a particular level range : beginning adventurers may better avoid the most dangerous undergrounds, but veterans can explore all the caverns without restrictions.
  • Grozilla and Grasmera can now be fought in different levels of tiredness; these levels influence their power. In addition, they are more or less threatening depending on the number of adventurers facing them (a system similar to the adaptable dungeon difficulty). This allows offering a reasonable challenge to both veterans and less experienced characters. Certain spells and characteristics of Grozilla and Grasmera were modified to account for their tiredness state.
  • The number of tokens won for defeating Grozilla and Grasmera no longer depends on the number of participants, but instead the tiredness state of the two monsters.
  • A new emote and a unique pet can be earned by characters whose level is not high enough to earn a Madreggon. Like the latter, this new pet can be exchanged for the tokens won by defeating Grozilla and Grasmera. It is also necessary to complete several quests.
  • The XP gains of Vulkania’s monsters and quests are increased.
  • ”Free Corktail” quest : the displayed level of the quest is now 1 to 200.
  • ”Tarada Bay’s Secret” quest : the 9th objective is now validated by using the fairywork instead of arriving at the map.

[size=18]Animations and sprites :[/size]

  • The monsters of the Jelly family are visually improved.
  • The monsters of the Scaraleaf family are visually improved.
  • The appearance of certain NPCs is improved and they now use character-specific animations.
  • The front of male Iops no longer abnormally changes colour because of the lighting effects on certain maps.

[size=18]Spell point scrolls and characteristic scrolls :[/size]

  • The NPC exchanges to obtain characteristic scrolls for resources or crafted objects are disabled, following our announcement at the previous update.
  • The exchange of precious stones for spell point scrolls is also disabled. Spell point scrolls can now be exchanged for Kolossokens by talking to the NPC Glad Yator (inside the Kolossium building).
  • A devblog discussing the changes is available here.

[size=18]Soul Capture[/size]

  • The 25% bonus to capture souls is now removed, in accordance with what was announced at the 2.6.0 update.
  • Soul stones are now one-handed and allow wearing a shield.

[size=18]Fight :[/size]

  • The timeline correctly updates when a monster has to pass its turn (due to the use of a spell).
  • A character who’s carried by a Pandawa and steps down can be locked correctly when moving.
  • Health points gained by using consumable items during the placement phase of a challenge are no longer lost when abandoning the fight during the placement phase.
  • Pushing a character through a Rogue illusion correctly destroys the illusion.
  • The fixed resistances displayed when mousing over a target are correctly updated if the target is affected by a fixed resistance bonus or malus.
  • It is once again possible to create Pandawa towers (a Pandawa who carries a Pandawa, who carries...).
  • Characters leaving a PvP fight in an enemy territory can correctly be transformed into graves.
  • The superposition of characters when multiple effects of damage reflection, bomb walls, Sacrifice and position exchange come together is no longer possible.
  • The accumulation of identical spell effects on a target no longer causes the display of a question mark.
  • The damage is correctly displayed above all characters who die from the same spell.
  • AP and MP bonuses and penalties of a target are correctly applied in the characteristics display on mouseover, without the need to refresh this interface.
  • Targeting a fighter via timeline now allows to correctly cast multiple spells even if the position of the target changes.
  • The counter for the number of spell casts per target is only affected if the target is actually hit by the spell (the counter could be incorrect in case a spell was used via timeline).
  • The clients of characters who are killed by damage at the start of their turn no longer flashes for the rest of the fight.
  • The health points are correctly updated in the interface next to the central medallion after a resurrection.
  • It is once again possible to point out an occupied cell.
  • Changes to the appearance of a carried character now work properly.
  • Spells whose cooldown is modified by other spells (Masqueraiders’ masks, for example) are correctly greyed when their cooldown does not allow casting them.
  • Summons are now facing the direction in which they are summoned.
  • Characters who die in a fight are no longer shown as dead in the timeline of following fights.

[size=18]Tactical Mode :[/size]

  • The management of line of sight in tactical mode is improved, some unnecessary obstacles are no longer displayed in order to improve the clarity of the map.

[size=18]Challenges :[/size]

  • Finishing a fight with a bomb explosion no longer fails the challenge Exuberant.

[size=18]Interfaces :[/size]

  • A devblog article about the main interface changes is available here.
  • If the DOFUS client is closed while being maximized, it will automatically be maximized when starting the game the next time.
  • The “Away” mode correctly blocks challenges and exchanges.
  • The exchange interface no longer stays open for no reason if a guild invitation has been sent before.
  • Character selection interface : The buttons no longer appear in the background after switching from the list display mode of the characters to the classic display mode.
  • The names of spells learned from spell scrolls are once again displayed correctly.
  • Spell interface : The spell filters as well as the selected spell will be saved when closing and reopening the interface.
  • The currently used Zaap is no longer displayed in the list of available Zaaps.
  • When releasing a character’s soul, the position of the Phoenix statues is correctly displayed.
  • The interface buttons (located below the shortcut bar) can now be reorganised by opening the menu of the additional buttons and moving them with drag and drop.
  • Character selection interface : The tooltip explaining the experience bonus is now only displayed on characters who benefit from such a bonus.
  • In the black theme, the size of the interface titles is slightly reduced.
  • The menu containing additional buttons (below the shortcut bar) is now displayed above other open interfaces.
  • The textures of interfaces used before entering the game are simplified in order to improve their clarity and legibility.
  • Zaapi interface : The tabs of empty categories are now greyed.
  • Login interface : The Options selection box is is correctly positioned in the beige theme.
  • The mouseover behaviour of the gauges around the central medallion is improved. The tooltip displaying the numerical value now functions properly at any position on the gauge.
  • Spell interface : After increasing a spell’s level, its tooltip when mousing over the shortcut bar correctly displays the updated information.
  • The interface to forget spells no longer displays each spell twice.
  • The names of characters are no longer truncated in their tooltip.
  • In Incarnam, the button to access the tutorial no longer stays greyed if the merchant mode interface is closed after failing to switch to merchant mode.
  • Spell interface : Spells which only have one possible spell level no longer display a button to increase the level.

[size=18]Inventory :[/size]

  • Inventories and chests: It is now possible to only transfer items which are already present in the destination inventory.
  • When a filter is used on an inventory and the last object of this category is removed, the filter is correctly deactivated.
  • The inventory’s search button is correctly displayed if its state changes rapidly due to multiple activations.

[size=18]Chat Interface :[/size]

  • Links in chat messages (item recipes, for example) now work properly when the character sending them is suffering from a curse altering the spelling.
  • The DOFUS client no longer disconnects when sending a message that is considered too long and ends in location coordinates (%pos%) or the character information (%stats%).
  • Changing from advanced to normal mode and then back to advanced mode no longer involuntarily activates chat channels.
  • When a character is not in a fight and tries to send a message to the team channel, an error message now indicates that the message could not be sent.

[size=18]Group System :[/size]

  • Characters are no longer disconnected when trying to follow the movements of another character if the group no longer exists.
  • The health points are correctly updated in the group interface during a fight.
  • The incoherent text (“ted” and “todo”) is removed from the group invitation interface.
  • Group interface : The display of members who are being followed is improved.
  • A character who is a grave or a ghost now correctly displays their status in the group interface.
  • Group invitation interface : The list of group members is correctly updated if the group composition changes.
  • Group invitation interface : If a character has not yet responded to an invitation, they appear with an orange outline. Their level and position are revealed once they accept the invitation.

[size=18]Smilies and Emotes :[/size]

  • More than 60 new emoticons (smilies) are available and accessible without restrictions.
  • The size of emoticons above characters is increased.
  • In the emote interface, the shortcuts are now different according to the client’s language. The old shortcuts are also kept to make the transition easier.

[size=18]Marriage :[/size]

  • Spouse interface : The button to start and stop following the movements of the spouse now works correctly.
  • When divorcing, the position of the ex-spouse is correctly removed from the map.
  • The spouse interface is now accessible via keyboard shortcut right after getting married.

[size=18]Sellrooms and merchants :[/size]

  • A new error message is added when searching the Astrub sellrooms for an object whose level is too high.
  • Sellroom interface : In selling mode, the input fields for quantity and price now have maximum values of the allowed input.
  • Sellroom interface : In selling mode, the sale fee is correctly updated when the batch size is changed.
  • Sellroom interface : In buying mode, the search function works properly if the item is present in the sellroom, even between multiple search attempts.
  • NPC shops : The categories of available items are now listed in alphabetical order.
  • The resources of the category Kwismas can now be sold at the resource sellroom.
  • Soul sellroom : The shares of loot are now displayed next to full soul stones and the list of stones can be sorted by their loot.
  • Token exchanges : An error message is now displayed in the chat interface if the number of tokens is not sufficient for a purchase.
  • It is now possible to modify the quantities of items for sale in one’s own merchant shop without having to remove the items from the shop.
  • When organising the merchant shop, a new message is displayed in case the quantity of an object is invalid.

[size=18]Guilds :[/size]

  • Guild creation interface : A drop-down menu for the different categories of icons has been added as well as 200 new icons and shields, which will greatly increase the variety of guild emblems that can be created.
  • Guild interface : The experience gauge is displayed correctly even when it is almost empty.
  • Guild interface : The display of experience points donated by guild members is improved. A separator now distinguishes the hundreds and thousands, and the space reserved for the experience is increased to ensure that the values are not truncated.
  • A devblog article detailing the new guild features is available here.

[size=18]Perceptors :[/size]

  • Perceptors now carry a banner displaying their guild’s emblem.
  • The option “Remove” (without collecting the harvest) is removed from the perceptors’ context menu.
  • The message displayed in the guild channel when collecting and removing a perceptor without taking any of the contents from its inventory is improved.
  • Level 1 of the perceptor spell Earth Armour is corrected. It now reduces as much damage as the other armour spells.

[size=18]Quests :[/size]

  • New daily quests are available from some inhabitants of Sufokia. The NPC Viktoria Punkhurst also offers a tour of the city.
  • A strange person suffering from amnesia works in Sufokia and requires the help of adventurers who have already helped the printer of Astrub. His story may well be out of a work of science fiction.
  • Quest interface : A new button provides additional information about some quest objectives.
  • Quest interface : A tooltip is now displayed when mousing over a map location button.
  • It is now possible to place quest items in the shortcut bar in order to easily track their quantity.
  • ”Tricky Flowers” quest : The NPC Maskara now cancels the quest if the character no longer has the Alchemist profession.
  • ”Dungeons and dragrunts” quest : The objective “Brave the dangers of the Snowfoux Den” is validated after defeating Tengu Snowfoux, no matter if he was accompanied by Foster Fuji Snowfoux or not.
  • The new Foggernaut characters can complete a unique mission in Astrub before visiting their temple to complete their quest of devotion.
  • ”Kry Babby” quest : The quest’s level increases to 15 to reflect the changes to the difficulty of One-armed bandits.
  • “Load the mule” quest : The drop rates of the required items are increased and the quest now asks for 2 Irritating Brown Warko Beard Hairs. The amount of bread received upon finishing is decreased, instead 2 Apples are added to the quest rewards.
  • ”The plant dissension” quest : The chance to obtain a Dark Rose Petal is now 100%. The initiation of the fight against the Artempth Rose has been corrected in order to prevent players from getting stuck in the fight.
  • ”That be frugal, one time” quest : A landmark wrongly indicating the position of the NPC Mouss Bouff is corrected.
  • Frigost’s harvesting quests: The kama rewards are increased.
  • Quests of the NPC Ant Emicheun : The levels of the first daily missions assigned by this NPC are increased in order to reflect the higher difficulty of the monsters in the Astrub underground. The kamas rewards are increased.
  • ”Apprenticeship : Knight of Hope” quest : The NPC Terra Cogita is now correctly animated when following the player who freed him.
  • The quest arrows pointing to an NPC are correctly removed if the NPC disappears from the map after the next map change of the character.
  • The quest arrows pointing to an NPC are no longer displayed multiple times.

[size=18]Books :[/size]

  • The librarian of Sufokia offers plenty of books for sale, many of which were only available on Pandala.
  • A new class guide and parchments detailing the commandments of the god Oktapodas can be read at the Foggernaut temple in Sufokia.
  • The new Foggernaut characters can obtain their class guide in Incarnam by finishing the quest “Follow your path” assigned by Master Yakasi.
  • The text of the Order of the Unsound Mind’s register is corrected so it no longer refers to Bontarians.
  • Interative areas such as the “Wanted” posters can now display images on the full page without the need for additional text.

[size=18]NPCs :[/size]

  • The NPC Dunge Onmast’her no longer offers to take characters to the inn at the end of Incarnam Dungeon.
  • The name of the NPC Galileo Magnifico is corrected.

[size=18]World Map :[/size]

  • The display of the world map is improved so as to increase the size of displayed map and to significantly improve its performance upon opening the interface.
  • The landmark indicating the character’s position can now be removed.
  • If landmarks are located outside the visible part of the world map, arrows on the edges of the map now indicate their location.
  • Mini map : The icons of possessions now have the same size as other icons.

[size=18]Custom Set System :[/size]

  • Characters no longer appear to “flash” when using a custom set.
  • Custom set interface : If a custom set is selected but no changes are made, the “Save” button stays greyed.

[size=18]Sacrier :[/size]

A devblog article about the spell modifications is available here.
  • Sacrifice :
    • The damage received by the sacrificing characters is now reduced by the resistances of the target and no longer by the resistances of the sacrificing character.
    • The spell no longer swaps the positions of sacrificed characters and the Sacrier.
    • The AP cost changes to 2 at all levels.
    • The cooldown changes to 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 turns at levels 1 to 6.
    • The duration of its effects changes to 2 turns at all levels.
    • The maximum range is increased at levels 5 and 6.
    • The minimum range changes to 0 at all levels.
    • The size of the area of effect is increased at levels 1 to 4.
    • Invested spell points are returned.
  • Sacrier’s Foot :
    • The spell now deals earth steal damage in a perpendicular line (the area of effect of a staff).
    • The agility steal is replaced by a dodge malus applied to targets in the area of effect.
    • The number of casts per turn changes to 2 at all levels.
    • The spell effects can be accumulated on a target up to twice at a time.
    • The critical hit rate changes to 1/40 at all levels.
    • Invested spell points are returned.
  • Assault :
    • The spell now deals air steal damage on top of the basic air damage.
    • The number of casts per target changes to 2.
    • The number of casts per turn changes to 4.
    • The AP cost changes to 3 at all levels.
    • The critical hit rate changes to 1/40 at all levels.
    • Invested spell points are returned.
  • Swap :
    • The number of casts per target changes to 1.
    • Invested spell points are returned.
  • Flying Sword :
    • The elemental resistances and the health points of the summon are increased.
    • The sword’s MP change to 6 at level 6.
    • The AP cost changes to 3.
    • The maximum range changes to 4.
  • Transposition :
    • The AP cost changes to 3.
  • Cooperation :
    • The AP cost changes to 3.

[size=18]Enutrof :[/size]

  • Living Bag :
    • The bag’s spell Sacrifice is replaced by Bagrifice which allows the Living Bag to take damage in its allies’ stead without changing position and while taking their resistances into account.
    • The spell Bagrifice is cast for 4 turns at the beginning the Living Bag’s turn to allow for a better control of the targets getting sacrificed.
    • The health points and the elemental resistances of the summon are increased.
    • The cooldown changes to 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5 turns at levels 1 to 6.
    • The AP cost changes to 2 at all levels.
    • The maximum range changes to 4 at levels 1 to 5 and 5 at level 6.
    • Invested spell points are returned.

[size=18]Pandawa :[/size]

  • Karcham :
    • The number of casts per target changes to 1.
    • Invested spell points are returned.

[size=18]Dungeons :[/size]

  • The level, experience and characteristics of dungeon bosses up to level 60 are modified to better correspond to the difficulty of their dungeon.
  • The Tofu and Royal Tofu Dungeon are separated into two distinct dungeons: the Tofu House and the Royal Tofu House. The Royal Tofu House is inhabited by new types of monsters. The experience and characteristics of the Royal Tofu are increased, while its health points are reduced.
  • The Tree and Soft Oak Dungeon are separated into two distinct dungeons: the Tree Dungeon and the Soft Oak Dungeon.
  • The functional design of the Jellith Dimension is simplified.
  • The maps where one faces Tengu Snowfoux on his own or Tengu Snowfoux accompanied by Foster Fuji Snowfoux are swapped in order to reduce the difficulty of placement when fighting only Tengu Snowfoux as well as to increase the difficulty of the fight against Tengu and Fuji Snowfoux.
  • It is no longer necessary to have quests of the tourist agency in progress or finished in order to use the team search or the group teleportation for the following dungeons:
    • Haunted House
    • The Kwakwa’s Nest
    • Kanniball Dungeon
  • The Sadidette brooches of the Skeunk’s Lair can now only be obtained by fighting each Sadidette on her own map inside the dungeon. It is no longer possible to obtain these quest items in the final fight against Skeunk or in the arena.
  • The criteria for being able to teleport group members to the Incarnam Dungeon are corrected and are now identical to the conditions to enter the dungeon.

[size=18]Monsters :[/size]

  • The highest possible prospecting drop lock value has been changed from 800 to 400.
  • The maximum number of identical items that can be dropped to a team by one monsters is now infinite. (Note: The limits of identical items per character per monster are still in place.)
  • Certain item drop rates have been standardized and increased. All items (except for DOFUS eggs) now have at least a 1% chance or greater to drop in combat. Here is a list of the monsters whose drops are affected by this change :
    • Miliboowolf
    • Great Coralator
    • Kimbo
    • Gourlo the Terrible
    • Silf the Greater Bherb
    • Dark Vlad
    • Perfidious Tynril
    • Dragon Pig
    • Ougaa
    • Itzting
    • Royal Coco Blop
    • Royal Cherry Blop
    • Royal Indigo Blop
    • Royal Pippin Blop
    • Royal Rainbow Blop
    • Father Whupper
    • Minotoror
    • Royal Gobball
    • Ancestral Treechnid
    • Wa Wabbit
    • Moon
    • LeChouque
    • Moowolf
    • Soft Oak
    • Jorbak
    • Bloodthirsty Vampire
    • Krtek
    • Royal Pingwin
    • Royal Mastogob
    • Celestial Bearbarian
    • Buck Anear
    • Lord Crow
    • Obsidemon
    • N
    • Kanniball Andchain
    • Tengu Snowfoux
    • Korriander
    • Fuji Snowfoux
    • Kolosso
    • Professor Xa
    • Nelween
    • Bulbig Brotha
    • Foster Fuji Snowfoux
    • Ronin Chafer
    • Royal Tofu
    • Giant Kralove
    • Shin Larva
    • Bworker
    • Tanukouï San
    • Peki Peki
    • Pandora Master
    • Legendary Crackler
    • Koolich
    • Skeunk
    • Bworkette
    • Golden Scarabugly
    • Famished Sunflower
    • Batofu
    • Minotot
    • Mumminotoror
    • Deminoball
    • Crocabulia
    • Father Kwismas
    • Sponge Mob
    • Black Rat
    • White Rat
    • Sphincter Cell
  • The Piwis in Incarnam are replaced by Lilpiwis.
  • The One-armed Bandits in the Passage to Brakmar are no longer aggressive.
  • The Touchparak’s level is once again random.
  • The level, experience and characteristics of the following monsters are changed in order to make the areas in which they spawn more interesting and better adapted to the level of the players they are intended for:
    • Piglet
    • Farle’s Pig
    • Blodz Uker
    • Dorgan Ation
    • Bulbamboo
    • Bulbiflor
    • Bulbush
    • Araknawa
    • Grass Snake
    • Bambooto
    • Holy Bambooto
    • Black Tiwabbit
    • Tiwabbit
    • Tiwabbit Wosungree
    • Wabbit
    • Black Wabbit
    • Skeleton Wabbit
    • Wo Wabbit
    • Gwandpa Wabbit
    • Wobot
    • Coco Biblop
    • Pippin Biblop
    • Indigo Biblop
    • Morello Cherry Biblop
    • Coco Blop
    • Pippin Blop
    • Indigo Blop
    • Morello Cherry Blop
    • Blopshroom
    • Glutoblop
    • Trunkiblop
    • Black Gobbly
    • White Gobbly
    • Gobball
    • Gobball Warchief
    • Goblin
    • Karne Rider
    • Bwork Archer
    • Bwork Mage
    • Bwork
    • Miliboowolf
    • Moskito
    • Evil Dandelion
    • Mush Mush
    • Demonic Rose
    • Dark Rose
    • Wild Sunflower
    • Blue Larva
    • Green Larva
    • Orange Larva
    • Sapphire Larva
    • Emerald Larva
    • Ruby Larva
    • Golden Larva
    • Immature Scaraleaf
    • White Scaraleaf
    • Blue Scaraleaf
    • Red Scaraleaf
    • Green Scaraleaf
    • Black Scaraleaf
    • Tofu
    • Black Tofu
    • Tofukaz
    • Tofoone
    • Tofurby
    • Tofuzmo
    • Crab
    • Starfish Trooper
    • White Snapper
    • Blue Snapper
    • Orange Snapper
    • Green Snapper
    • Mumussel
    • Kloon Snapper
    • Raul Mops
    • Kanniball Archer
    • Kanniball Jav
    • Kanniball Sarbak
    • Kanniball Thierry
    • Haloperi Doll
    • Mahlibuh Craboral
    • Mojeeto Craboral
    • Passaoh Craboral
    • Kurasso Craboral
    • Mahlibuh Palmflower
    • Mojeeto Palmflower
    • Passaoh Palmflower
    • Kurasso Palmflower
    • Coralator
    • Blue Jelly
    • Mint Jelly
    • Strawberry Jelly
    • Lemon Jelly
    • Elite Chafer
    • Fire Bwak
    • Ice Bwak
    • Earth Bwak
    • Wind Bwak
    • Fire Kwak
    • Ice Kwak
    • Earth Kwak
    • Wind Kwak
    • Fire Kwakere
    • Ice Kwakere
    • Earth Kwakere
    • Wind Kwakere
    • Arachnee
    • Aggressive Arachnee
    • Prespic
    • Boar
    • Blue Piwi
    • Yellow Piwi
    • Pink Piwi
    • Red Piwi
    • Green Piwi
    • Purple Piwi
    • One-armed Bandit
    • Mushd
    • Crocodyl
    • Chief Crocodyl
    • Fungi Master
    • Sick Grossewer Milirat
    • Sick Grossewer Shaman
    • Wild Almond Dragoturkey
    • Wild Ginger Dragoturkey

[size=18]Archmonsters :[/size]

  • The following archmonsters can no longer spawn on inaccessible maps:
    • Mushdrill the Piercer
    • Croccyx the Bummer
    • Crokdylann the Rebel
    • Bandinamit the Explosive
    • Bakeraider the Tomb
    • Smitherz the Licker
    • Minoskittle the Coloured
    • Famouse the Unknown
    • Vamp the Impalest
    • Lord Lacedhat the Vampiric
    • Tofulsom the Jailer

[size=18]Class Temple Dopples :[/size]

  • It is no longer necessary to talk to the dopple masters to finish their respective temple dopple quest.
  • A new dopple can be fought at the Foggernaut temple located in Sufokia.

[size=18]Kolossium :[/size]

  • The management of the initial rating is improved, it is now only fixed when participating in the Kolossium for the first time.
  • If the offer of a Kolossium fight is canceled because of the death of one of the participants, the notification now correctly disappears for the dead character.

[size=18]Professions :[/size]

  • Monsters will no longer position themselves on cells with harvestable resources in order to avoid the involuntary start of a fight while trying to gather those resources.
  • Ingredients are no longer lost when trying to craft a non-existent recipe.
  • The popup confirming the use of an unknown recipe is removed since ingredients are no longer lost if the recipe is incorrect.
  • It is no longer possible to bypass profession level requirements when using the cooperative crafting interface.
  • The experience rewards of each recipe are now displayed in the list of recipes.
  • Fishmongers can now prepare Stewed Frozen Icefish which grants a +1 Wisdom bonus.
  • The selection of the cell to stand on while fishing is improved, thus making it easier to reach fishing spots.
  • Cooperative crafting interface : It is now possible to add ingredients which are already present in the list of ingredients with a double click.
  • Cooperative crafting interface : Adding a signature rune no longer blocks a slot for the other character.

[size=18]Breeding and Mounts :[/size]

  • Mounts that are not fertile correctly lose tiredness when they are in certificate form.
  • Mount certificates now stay valid for 40 days.
  • Paddock interface : Dragoturkeys no longer disappear from the list after a filter not returning any results was selected and deselected.
  • Auras are correctly displayed on characters facing forwards while riding a mount.

[size=18]Pets :[/size]

  • Pets can once again be equipped by drag and drop onto the respective equipment slot.
  • Tofume and Vampyrina now also eat Primitive Chafers, Draugur Chafers and Ronin Chafers.

[size=18]Artificial Intelligence :[/size]

  • The AI no longer moves into traps located between two characters while trying to lock these characters (generally observed with the Sram’s Double).
  • The management of life steals and immunity is improved. Sphincter Cell, for example, will correctly take a target’s immunity into account when using the spell Razor.
  • The management of %resistance buffs is improved. If the AI has an opportunity to unbewitch, it will do so before attacking.
  • The management of life transfers is improved. Example: Bloody Koalaks will no longer cast Life Transfer when there are no allies to heal.
  • The AI can now use allies as targets in order to move closer to enemies. Example: The Masqueraider Dopple is able to use Reinforcement on an ally to approach an enemy.
  • The AI can better handle heals on allies with full HP. Example: Mama Bworks will no longer cast Word of Recovers on allies with full HP if they have no other actions available.
  • Aggressive monsters standing on a negative glyph and adjacent to an opponent now try to move out of the glyph while maintaining contact with their opponent (so as to not lose the opportunity to lock them).
  • The management of spells designed to be cast on summons is improved, the priorities for the selection of targets are changed. Example: The Osamodas Dopple correctly uses its spell Fangs of Boowolf on summons.
  • The management of Arc-shaped areas of effect is improved. Example: The Rogue Dopple will avoid hitting an ally with the spell Boomerang Daggers.
  • Monsters no longer try to exchange places with a target that can’t be displaced.
  • The management of pushback spells is improved. A monster will no longer attack a target if the pushback damage would kill another monster.

[size=18]Objects :[/size]

  • The effects of equipment are now displayed in the same order in the inventory and in associated recipes.
  • The selection of the item category no longer disappears when using the scrollbar to navigate an inventory.
  • The requirements regarding knowledge of spells are managed correctly on items.
  • The Pink Piwi and Purple Piwi Capes are modified so their appearance corresponds to that of the associated monsters.
  • The category “Spell scroll” is renamed to “Spell-learning scroll” in order to avoid confusion with the item “Spell point scroll”.
  • Juss Tafinger’s Assistant at the ski shop of Frigost Village now exchanges the unusable Split Splinter Sprinter against its corrected version.
  • The base damage of the Splinter Sprinter is reduced. Its critical hit bonus is increased.
  • Consuming Intre Bread now restores 151 to 200 health points.
  • Ring Neinwonwon (the Sacrier class ring) now increases the range of Sacrier’s Foot by 1 (instead of 2).

[size=18]Livinitems :[/size]

  • In the list of available appearances of a livinitem, the background of the grid is now displayed correctly.
  • Livinitems can now be fed with objects linked to the account or the character.

[size=18]Sounds :[/size]

  • The sound of equipping an object or a custom set is now played even if the inventory is closed.
  • The sounds of Scaraleaf monsters are improved.
  • The sounds of Jelly monsters are improved.

[size=18]Connection :[/size]

  • New messages are added to better distinguish different connection problems.

[size=18]Shortcuts :[/size]

  • Resetting the shortcuts to their default values correctly updates the shortcut interface.
  • The display of checkboxes for the various categories of shortcuts now works properly.
  • The key combinations “Shift + _” and “Shift + -” are now correctly differenciated.
  • The shortcut to close interfaces can now be modified.

[size=18]Services :[/size]

  • The following objects become exchangeable after 2 months and can be sold in the sellrooms (changes are not retroactive):
    • Colour change potion
    • Name change potion
    • Sex change potion
    • Guild emblem change potion
    • Guild renaming potion
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