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Modifications to the conversion rates for Smithmagic runes in Update 2.36

By #[lichen] - ANKAMA - August 19, 2016, 16:47:00

In Update 2.36 (which release date hasn't been announced yet), we are going to modify the conversion rates for Smithmagic runes (when changing normal runes into PA runes, and then into RA runes).

Modifications brought by Update 2.36

Changing normal runes into PA and RA runes will require 6 runes (instead of 10, as it was previously).
Before Update 2.36, you need 100 normal runes in order to obtain 1 RA rune.
In Update 2.36, you will need 36 normal runes in order to obtain 1 RA rune.

We're making this change in order to decrease the rune conversion penalty that negatively and heavily impacts what kinds of runes are often changed into superior runes.

This modification should lead to a greater amount of runes generated among the runes that are affected by these conversion rates (and also reduce their price, or at the very least slow down the rise of said price).

We are still checking on the way the Smithmagic rune generation is evolving, and we are not setting aside other modifications we could bring to this system after the release of Update 2.36, should the modifications brought with Update 2.36 prove insufficient.
As well, we are not setting aside the possibility to change the conversion rates between normal, PA, and RA runes again.

Guiding the production of specific runes:

At the moment, we think that the tools that have been made available to the players in order to stimulate the production of specific runes (to the detriment of other runes) aren't good enough.

Before the changes brought to rune generation back in 2015, rune production was mainly done through specific, low-level items that were easy to produce and crush massively without seeing the output decrease gradually.
Since this system has been replaced, it is still possible to choose what items one wants to crush, but producing and crushing massive amounts of the same low-level item is no longer profitable.
The system itself discourages crushing identical items and promotes crushing different items, which potentially greatly lowers the possibility to guide the production of specific runes (in order to meet a need).

Phenomena such as rarity, price variation and short-term penury in DOFUS are phenomena we want, and are part of the game's economic system; however, we should let players have the opportunity to react and transform penuries into economical opportunities (that translate into activities and contents which cost-effectiveness evolves with time).
We think this possibility to meet specific needs isn't potentially present enough in the rune generation system, and that's an aspect of the game we are going to study in the coming months.

It is entirely possible that simply changing the rune conversion rates (as we will in Update 2.36) would be enough to fix a good chunk of the rarefaction issues some runes are facing. But, from a conceptual standpoint, we think that the system could, in the middle term, require deeper modifications.

We will get back to you when we have sufficiently progressed regarding this problem.

I'd also like to use this occasion to apologize to you about our abnormally long reaction time in addressing this issue. We haven't been capable of correctly evaluating the impact of massive stocks of old runes on the evolution of the price of said runes. And we have naively thought that players would, by themselves, succeed in guiding rune production to meet the needs, while the tools made available to them to answer this call weren't enough.
We are fully aware that a lack of reactivity on such an issue penalizes the entire Smithmagic activity, which is extremely important when it comes to optimising characters.
We are going to do everything in our power so that we may be more available on this critical topic in the future.
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