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[Communication] 1 month to reactivate your account - What does it mean?

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - March 13, 2017, 17:42:39
Hello everyone,

If you've found this page through a google search, you may have received a newsletter in your email account that looks something like this:

1 year and 11 months ago: that's the last time you logged into your account. Warning: you risk losing everything!

If it remains inactive, your account will disappear in one month's time, and with it, your characters, equipment, and gifts. Your account has been deemed inactive based on the following:
  • You haven't logged in on the Ankama websites or in any Ankama game in the past 2 years
  • You have never been subscribed
  • You have never spent Ogrines or Euros in the Great Emporium and/or the Ankama Shop

Don't forget to log in within 30 days in order to keep your data, characters, and in-game earnings!

If you have a technical problem, contact Support as soon as possible!

If you, don't panic! This newsletter is official, and all you have to do to keep your account is to simply log into the game. If you still don't trust the newsletter, it's fine, but please do give logging into your account a go. You know where to go to do that safely.

And if you haven't received the newsletter but you think you should have because it has been a long time since you've logged in, except you don't remember the associated email account (or any other issue that may have arose to prevent you from playing in the past two years), and you don't want to lose your account, then we advise you to log in as well. And if you don't remember your password either, then Support will be able to help you out.

Please note that normally, this action should only apply to Ankama accounts that have never made a purchase (using cash or Ogrines from any source) or held any subscription for any Ankama game. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact support right away!

If you're a faithful Twelvian and have logged in at any time in the past two years, then... please continue to do so, and enjoy the game!
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The suppression rules for inactive accounts have been clarified in the previous message (only the accounts that have never been subscribed and have never spent Ogrines or Euros in any Ankama game are affected).
We apologise for our lack of precision in our first communication on the matter.

We are deleting these accounts in order to:
  • Free up as many account names and character names as possible: in order to allow players to find a character or account name that suits them more quickly. We want the character name changes to be as simple as possible for players, considering the incoming server merger.
  • Reduce maintenance time: by reducing the amount of accounts in our databases, we can reduce the duration of weekly maintenances and the occasional massive data crunching we have to do now and then.
  • Reduce the time it will take to merge the servers: in order to make sure the server merger process is performed as quickly as possible, we need to reduce the amount of characters we will merge to the upcoming new servers.
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