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By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - August 01, 2019, 22:30:00
DevTracker AnkaTracker

The game servers were updated on Tuesday, July 30. Here is the list of changes.



  • Conniving Arrow: Applied damage has been fixed to match the damage shown in the description.


  • Clover: The weapon damage penalty is applied correctly.
  • Kraps: The gradual decrease in damage is applied correctly.


  • Parasite: The damage applied at the end of the target's turn is now as high as the damage applied when the spell is cast.


  • Galvanising Word and Stimulating Word: Effects are no longer stackable.


  • Whirlwind: The area of effect preview issue has been fixed.
  • Gambolet: Now has an animation.
  • Albino Gobball Spit: Now has an animation.
  • Draconic Inversion: Healing is properly increased when an enemy is hit. The description no longer mentions Dragon Heart.
  • Grazing: The tooltip displays the right shield values. The animation has been fixed. The spell description has been fixed.
  • Slobberhead: The damage increase on the central target is no longer conserved for all targets on the next casting.


  • Vertebra: The damage suffered by the target has been fixed.


  • Pandiniuras: The recast interval at rank 2 is once again 4, not 5. The interval, which had been 6 / 5 / 4 at ranks 1 / 2 / 3, is now 6 / 4 at ranks 1 / 2.


  • Walking Bomb: The spell has a spell icon.


  • Desolation: The area of effect preview issue has been fixed.
  • Nervousness, Clobbering, Excruciating Pain, Immolation, Decimation, Gash, Fury, Carnage:
    • Spells that improve when they are cast on oneself can once again be used independently without the use of one of them preventing the improvement of the others.
  • Life Transfer: The spell now correctly gives 1 Suffering charge per ally hit.


  • Force of Nature: With 6 or more trees, damage stays properly increased when a tree dies.


  • Mist: Minimum range has changed from 1 to 0.
  • Con: The characteristics steal is now applied before damage.
    • Damage:
      • Level 115: 25 to 27 (CH: 30 to 33)
      • Level 182: 29 to 32 (CH: 35 to 38)
  • Shakedown: The characteristics steal is now applied before damage. Spell range no longer increases based on the number of traps triggered since the last time Shakedown was cast.
    • Damage:
      • Level 135: 31 to 34 (CH: 37 to 41)
  • Furrow: The characteristics steal is now applied before damage.
    • Damage:
      • Level 150: 36 to 40 (CH: 43 to 48)
  • Miry Trap: Once again inflicts damage on allies so that they can voluntarily lose HP because of the trap and thereby heal nearby allies.
  • Evasion: How the spell works and its description have changed:
    • For 1 turn, the allied target moves 2 cells away from their attacker and becomes invisible for 1 turn if the target receives close-combat damage. If the target cannot move away, they suffer damage normally but still become invisible.
    • Casting conditions:
      • Maximum range: 5 / 6 → 6 / 6
      • Recast interval: 4 / 3 → 5 / 4


  • Harpooner:
    • Boomboom: Damage is now correct at all spell ranks.


  • Temporal Instability: The glyph effects are now triggered when a Telefrag is generated. The glyph correctly returns entities to their previous positions when the caster generates a Telefrag inside it.
  • Synchro: Synchro no longer removes AP when summoned.
  • Hand: No longer removes the Telefrag state from the target.
  • Spontaneous Return: Maximum range has changed from 7 / 7 to 5 / 7.
  • Xelor's Dial: The Dial's Intelligence stat has changed to Strength so that the Oscillation spell can inflict damage as before but in the Neutral element.
  • Desynchronisation: Maximum range has changed from 6 / 7 to 4 / 6.


  • Teleportation when summoning a character has been fixed (the Huppermage Fire rune, for example).
  • Resurrection effects have been fixed (Osamodas Spiritual Leash, for example).
  • Damage value has been fixed with the area of effect is a square.
  • Normal damage is not displayed if the chance of getting a critical hit is greater than 99% with the base rate + bonuses but less than 100% with only bonuses.


  • The equipment recipes associated with the Castucs monster family now require the Castuc Juice resource instead of the Fine Sand resource.
  • The PvP resistance bonus on the Dreggon Bow has been removed.
  • The chances of getting a CH and the CH bonuses have been reduced slightly for Dreggon weapons.
    • Staff:
      • CH Bonus: 10 → 5
    • Sword:
      • CH Bonus: 10 → 5
    • Ax:
      • CH Rate: 30 → 20
    • Wand:
      • CH Rate: 30 → 5
      • CH Bonus: 8 → 5
  • The recipe for the key to Kharnotaurus's Lair has changed.
  • Criminal Set:
    • Hat Tsokey: Deactivates straight-line casting for the Shakedown spell → Increases the Shakedown spell's maximum range by 2
    • F-Ha(r)t: Reduces the recast interval for Invisibility by 1 → Reduces the AP cost of Invisibility by 1


  • Turtelonia: The per-monster limit on deactivating the Invulnerable state has been increased.


  • Reward purchase criteria have been fixed to correspond to achievements linked to Turtelonia.
  • The "add dungeon keeper" options are now available for the keepers of the following dungeons:
    • Draegnerys
    • Kharnotaurus
    • Turtelonia
  • When an "add dungeon keeper" option is purchased, the new boss is properly added to the rooms in which one of the following dungeon keepers are located:
    • Draegnerys
    • Bworkette
    • Kharnotaurus
    • Turtelonia
  • Bworkette can now appear on a map that isn't hers.
  • The following dungeon keepers are now considered to be incompatible with Ougaa:
    • Bethel Akarna
    • Dantinea
    • Puppet Master
    • Crunchler
    • Chokao Priestess


  • Merkaptans Are Useful: The end-of-quest kama reward has been lowered to be more consistent with the quest's difficulty. In addition, the drop rate for Merkaptan toolboxes has been cut in half.
  • Fishing for Steamcrab: The end-of-quest kama reward has been lowered to be more consistent with the length of the quest.
  • Chestnut Supplies: The end-of-quest kama reward has been lowered to be more consistent with the length of the quest.
  • Infinite Nightmare: Characters are no longer teleported out of the Infinite Dreams after defeating the Rocky Nightmare.
  • A Painful Separation: The fight with Joris against the militiamen has been improved.


  • In the item creation interface, the window showing the item created now displays properly again.
  • Searches in marketplaces have been improved when running successive searches and when no categories have been selected.
  • The displaying of stacked effects in the combat chat has been fixed.
  • The color of cells when a character is locked and tries to keep moving is orange.


  • Following feedback from some players, various spelling corrections have been made to in-game texts. DOFUS forum posts (messages from June 23, 2019, through July 23, 2019).
  • Aggression is no longer possible in the non-subscriber area.
  • Achievements are no longer displayed when they are not available on a server (for example, Temporis achievements no longer appear on the classic servers).


  • The Temporis 3 servers have opened.
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