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Update – DOFUS Retro – 1.31

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - January 28, 2020, 11:00:00
Bug Fixes
  • A bug that made certain cells unclickable when using certain retreat spells has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to attack a prism when neutral.
  • The Italian flag no longer disappears after opening advanced options or choosing another language.
  • The translation of "Infinity" in the "Creature Mode" option located in the display panel is now displayed.
  • The random loading image now appears as soon as the client is launched, and not in the middle of loading.
  • Zooming out on the world map (by clicking on the magnifying glass icon then several times on the map) no longer makes the client freeze.
  • The visual aspect of the tabs in the mount interface has been fixed: It had been possible to click on an already-selected tab.
  • The Leave button has been corrected in the profession interface. The button used to disappear when you clicked on the icon of another profession without having previously closed the interface.
  • Shift-clicking on a combat sword to join the combat quickly no longer causes a rectangle of black pixels to show.
  • The Marketplace item search has been fixed: It is possible to use spaces to search using several words contained in an item name.
  • Clicking on an item without effects after having clicked on the "hand" icon to access the Dragoturkey's stats now makes the "hand" icon (which had previously continued to be displayed) disappear properly.
  • A bug that occurred when reconnecting to combat when monsters are invisible has been fixed.
  • The invisibility effect stacking has been fixed: Monsters had previously become visible before the end of their effect.
  • Transparency when invisibility ends has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the grid to disappear when reconnecting to combat has been fixed.
  • A bug that sometimes caused interfaces to fail to load properly when reconnecting after a sudden log off in specific circumstances has been fixed.
  • In spectator mode, the name of the character being played had previously stopped appearing in the interface showing the character's characteristics.
  • The display of infinite boosts has been fixed in the boost list.
  • A multi-account bug has been fixed: All windows would randomly turned gray (total freeze), forcing players to restart the game. Only affected the 64-bit client.
  • Item effects have been added to the tooltips when hovering in various inventories.
  • Your number of pods is now displayed when hovering over the inventory icon.
  • The timeline can now be moved to the top of the combat map for more legibility.
  • A "Collect" button to collect a Perceptor item has been added, so you no longer have to double-click on each item.
  • It is now possible to display, under the health heart on the circular timer, your choice of: your adventurer's, their Dragoturkey's or their current profession's XP, pods, or energy.
  • It is now possible to click on messages in the chat and select them to copy them.
  • Integration with the gamer chat platform Discord:
    • Display of random retro artwork based on the class played and character's sex. Eighty-nine retro images have been re-worked for the occasion.
    • Display of the name of the character played and your account nickname (the same info as an in-game /whois, no more, no less).
    • Display of the game server name.
  • A confirmation menu before attacking groups of monsters has been added to avoid missclicks. It can be bypassed with SHIFT+CLICK or by deactivating the display of all the monsters in a group.
  • Addition of shortcuts on the SHIFT key:
    • Lets you bypass the action selection menu in various situations: clicking on a merchant mode/Dragoturkey in a paddock/on a resource/a Zaap/the entrance to a paddock/the door of a house, etc.
    • SHIFT+click on a player/player's message prepares a private message for that player in the chat.
    • SHIFT+click on the icon of a Dragoturkey saddle lets you quickly access the mount's inventory.
    • SHIFT+click on an NPC lets you speak directly to the NPC (if possible).
    • Holding down the shift key when launching the game (before the login interface appears) lets you re-size the game without showing black edges (the game can be displayed in 16:9). The chat will make full use of the additional space, however, the rest of the game will be more or less stretched based on the window format.
  • CTRL+click on a player displays a list of all players on that same cell. Then, all you have to do is choose the name of the character you want to interact with from the menu.
  • Double-clicking now also lets you equip soul stones.
  • The smithmagic and secure crafting interfaces have been modified to now display 2x more effect lines for items (8 compared to 4 previously).
  • The shortcut using the CTRL key has been deleted for smithmagic. By default, all runes will now be placed. To place fewer runes, all you have to do is drag-n-drop then choose the desired quantity.
  • When transferring items to another inventory (banks, chest, Dragoturkey, for example), the pods are now calculated so that the maximum possible is automatically transferred.
  • The icon to display the list of combats to join in spectator mode has been improved. It now even appears in the Spells tab.
  • Marketplace item searches will now be handled starting with 2 characters instead of 4 previously. Bank searches now also have a 2-character minimum.
  • The default chat channel (black channel) that did not work in spectator mode is now automatically replaced by the Team channel when you send a message while watching a fight.
  • In spectator mode, detailed combat information automatically displays at the start of the round.
  • Creature mode has been improved:
    • Taken into account in real time as soon as the option is selected, better performance, and transparency fixed.
    • It is possible to trigger creature mode with 0 people on the map instead of 5 previously to improve performance.
  • Use of official artwork on the Eratz/Henual servers and addition of RP descriptions.
  • The following options will be turned on by default when emptying the cache:
    • show coordinates
    • show movement ranges
    • highlight targetable cells
    • display the time in the chat
    • turn on keyboard shortcuts
  • The client will now always try to avoid map change icons during movement.
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"The client will now always try to avoid map change icons during movement" 

THANK YOU.  It's so annoying when moving a couple characters for one to hit the map change icon.

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