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Recent server issues update (Ilyzaelle, Crail and Galgarion)

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 02, 2020, 18:00:00

Due to special circumstances, we encountered disruptions on some of our DOFUS & DOFUS Retro servers over the past few days. We wanted to come back to you with some details about the events and their respective compensations.


On Saturday morning, October 31, the Galgarion and then Crail servers encountered the same problems Eratz and the Monoaccount server IX faced a few days earlier. To avoid any data loss, we had to rollback to their respective backups of 6 am of that same morning.
The compensations for the players impacted during the period are as follows:
  • Galgarion: 2x Templus Bloomus;
  • Crail : 3x Templus Bloomus + 1 subscription day token;

We then performed an emergency maintenance from 2:00 pm to 2:25 pm CET that same day on all DOFUS Retro servers to prevent this from happening again.



During the weekend, you alerted us of the latency problems affecting the Ilyzaelle server. Our on-call team proceeded to an emergency restart on Sunday, November 1 at around 6 pm CET, which explains why we did not have time to warn you. We apologize again for the inconvenience caused by this forced restart; we were, however. able to stabilize the situation.

We will remain vigilant about the state of our servers during the next few days, and thank you for your patience and understanding.
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