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Temporis V: Papi-Chat's Store

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - April 28, 2021, 18:00:00

Papi-Chat is a colourful character in Merchant Mode that you can find at [3,-17]. He offers a list of resources you might need during your Temporis V adventure.

Here's a list of his merchant stock that is currently available for sale: 
  • Magic Snapper
  • Multijely
  • Coco Key Fragment
  • Morello Cherry Key Fragment
  • Indigo Key Fragment
  • Pippin Key Fragment
  • Korriander Flower
  • Tanuki Entrails
  • Gorgoyle Handle
  • Oni Leather
  • Mumminotor Horn
  • Deminoball Horn
  • Burnt Minotoror Horn
  • Resistant String
  • Emeralda's Diary
  • Ruby's Reminder
  • Diamondine's Concert Ticket
  • Sapphira's Kaliptus Shampoo
  • Used Bwork Protection
  • Tunder Alloy
  • New Bolt
  • Crystalline Root
  • Glass Eye
  • Frozen Spores
  • Zipper
  • Andespite
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Papi-Chat has been replaced by a Slot Machine NPC a while ago. Now he has returned to bring you:

  • King Leorictus's Crypt Key
  • Prince Djamal Brecht's Crypt Key
  • Cursed Temple Key
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