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Update – DOFUS Retro – 1.38

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 11, 2022, 11:16:32

 The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on November 5, 2022: 

1. Graphical Fixes

  • Swords in "starter" sets (bronze, silver, gold, and diamond) now have an appearance in combat.
  • Spells' cooldown periods have been smoothed out for all characters at the lowest values.
    • For example, a Sram took 0.8 s to "become available" for the next spell from behind and 0.4 s from the front; both values are now 0.4 s.
    • Some of these animations have been visually shortened to accommodate this change.
  • Fixed an issue where an Enutrof's headgear disappeared during a spell animation on a dragoturkey.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the "Cloak of the Valiant".

2. Usability and Improvements

New "Full Screen" Interface

A new interface is available to make better use of the black sidebars' space!

As soon as the game window is wide enough, this mode turns on automatically and displays an advanced chat interface on the side that separates combat information from conversations. It is better optimized than the game's original chat interface and has a much larger history. This change is available in the Modern client (for Classic and Remastered), and it can be turned off at any time in the game settings.

The space gained in the banner lets you display two panels that can be alternated by clicking their backgrounds:

  • An exploration panel that displays the mini-map from the medallion in a much larger size.
  • A tool panel that includes the same slots as the movable shortcut bar, as well as the real-time combat target's effects.

Several buttons appear in the header:

  • Erase the chat (/clear shortcut)
  • Search the chat for all instances of a keyword and then quickly navigate between them (Ctrl + F shortcut)
  • Toggle whether the advanced chat appears on the left or right of the game space
  • Turn the various chat channels on/off

You have various options to customize your interface:

  • You can resize the "chat" and "information" channels by holding the Shift key and scrolling the mouse wheel.
  • You can zoom in/out on the text by holding the Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel.
  • You can enter dark mode by clicking the game settings (wrench button) and then "Options" at the top left of the window.

Please note that it is not possible to change the ratio of the chat interface and the game space because it is automatically calculated to leave no black sidebars in relation to the window size. Simply put, further enlarging or reducing the chat interface would cause black sidebars to appear in the game space.

To further maximize the game space, the Modern client window options now only open when the game settings are open.

Finally, you can open an external chat window if you have a second screen, for example, by clicking the star button "Chat Menu" → "Open the External Chat".

Improved Info Chat in Combat

From now on, when an attack affects two or more characters, everything is grouped into a single line in the information channel. When an effect affects all allies, all enemies, or everyone, the message changes accordingly. You can also directly click a name or an effect to target the corresponding character or monster.

Simplified Display of States

We wanted to improve the visibility of current states when hovering over a player. You can now see which states are affecting which characters at any time via icons symbolizing them. They are updated in real-time in the targeted player's information panel, and this also works in spectator mode.

This initial version is intended to display players' spell states, but we are planning to create icons for other game states.

Improved Buying of Items From Some NPCs

Using the feature developed for Temporis, we were able to convert some NPCs into merchants. Simply put, instead of having to go through dialogues to exchange tokens for an item, you can now make exchanges with the desired quantities like you can during a classic purchase of kamas.

Emma Sacre and Thomas Sacre (strokens)

  • Spiritual gems
  • Characteristic scrolls
  • Spell scrolls

Dopple trainers (doploons)

Please note that you cannot get the bunch of keys or the special class spell using this process. You cannot use different doploons either due to technical reasons (e.g., one from each class).

  • Characteristic scrolls

Stallholder Hinss Hairt (Trool Fair tokens)

  • Stuffed animals and boss accessories

Other Changes

  • We are adding two more slots to the movable shortcut bar, increasing from 14 to 16.
    • Please note that beyond 14 slots, the display is forced into landscape mode so as not to overrun the game banner.
  • Enabling/disabling wings and joining/leaving a guild are now automatically updated for all players on the map; you no longer need to leave the map and come back.
  • Players' alignments now appear in the aligned end-of-fight panels.
  • Hovering the mouse over the characteristics button in the banner shows the percentage of the current level and how many experience points are required to level up.
  • The Soul Marketplace has been renamed in French to simplify searching for it in the list of zaapis; its name is unchanged in English.
  • The list of prisms available for teleportation is now sorted by name, like with zaapis, to simplify searching.
  • "XXX Spiritual Gem" items have been renamed "XXX Gem" for greater clarity when buying them; the word "Spiritual" is now included in the item description.
  • Pressing the left and right arrows on the keyboard toggles between the merchant modes available on the map when the buying interface is open.
  • The area name now appears in the header of the game map to reduce refresh flicker, make everything clearer, and leave more room for sub-areas with long names.
  • You can no longer confirm a purchase with the "Max" button in the quantity pop-up in merchant mode and with NPCs. However, you can still sell this way and confirm that you want to use multiple items.

Reminder of the Changes Made During the Goultarminator

  • It is now possible to reconnect to a fight during friendly challenges.
  • To make spectator mode more convenient to use:
    • An animation is played on the cell of the character starting their turn.
    • The information banner is updated automatically and no longer needs to be refreshed using the mouse.

3. Non-Combat Fixes

Adjustments to the Tracking and Prism System

We are improving the search system to reduce inflexibility and encourage a more active game loop:

  • Fixed a bug that could, due to actions outside the player's control, prevent tracking searches from giving results for a potentially long time.
  • Searching has been adapted and expanded to reach more relevant players.
  • Overall, we have adjusted this outdated system to today's ways of playing.

It is difficult to convey such changes through a changelog, so we are waiting for your feedback to adjust the points mentioned if necessary.

During tracking, the player will be able to attack their target on virtually any map in the game. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Zaaps
  • Dungeons
  • Houses (unlocked)
  • Arenas
  • Cities, villages, peninsulas, and islands

Obviously, outside of tracking, the usual protections still apply. There are also maps where it is deliberately always impossible to attack.

Prisms of conquest are being enhanced with the "Searing Ray" village heart spell. Also, the spell will change as follows for all prisms:

  • Now has infinite range.
  • Increases damage by 5 (infinite).
    • This effect cannot be mitigated or removed.
  • As a reminder, line of sight is not necessary for this spell.

In exchange, the basic AP for prisms of conquest has decreased from 10 to 8.

These changes are intended to give prisms a bit of a boost and avoid situations where they get stuck in combat.

In addition, we have made the following changes:

  • Added the word "(Tracking)" after the Attack button when the character is the target of tracking.
  • Outside of tracking, it is no longer possible to attack other players on the map of the NPC "Emma Sacre".
    • This change is intended to behave identically for both Bonta and Brakmar.
  • It is now possible to attack a player who is scrolling through the list of prisms, changing the code of their house, or putting their house/paddock up for sale.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from being teleported out of the prism room after capturing an aligned village.

We have other plans in mind to modernize this system, and they will appear in the coming weeks. They include a less manual search method and reintroducing shigekax in exchange for strokens.

Overhaul of the Surprise Bwork Pack (SBP) System

Unlike other similar items, such as the gifts you collect on Kwismas Island, the item inside the SBP was determined when you obtained the pack at the Trool Fair. It was therefore possible for an ill-intentioned person to deliberately keep gifts that contained Used Bwork Protections or less interesting items on the market and sell them at exorbitant prices in merchant mode.

To counter this, the new SBP distributed by Krowbe Jondon's Bwork machine will now work as follows:

  • The item obtained in the pack is now attributed when the pack is opened, so it can no longer be guessed in advance.
    • The probability of obtaining a given item has not changed.
  • To make it easier to recognize them from old packs, a new pictogram has been created, which is used only for this new version.

It is therefore no longer possible to obtain old SBPs in the conventional way, so we recommend buying this new version on the market. Anyone who has old SBPs can use the "Buy/Sell" interface when visiting Krowbe Jondon at [-11, -41] to sell them in exchange for the new version.

It is now also possible to use the same interface to buy an SBP in exchange for a Bworker Token.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented fertile and tired dragoturkeys from appearing in the list of mounts with the "Fertile Mount" filter.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the zoom feature from working before logging in again.
  • The label that shows the amount of experience earned for the guild has been enlarged to 10 digits before being cut off, instead of 8 digits previously.
    • This change also fixes a shift in the list of guild members that made the number unreadable.
  • It is no longer possible to exchange 100 cawwots with the NPC "Wob" if you already have the spell of the same name; the player would lose the items without obtaining the spell.
  • It is no longer possible to become invisible and untargetable by consuming items that transform the player's appearance.
  • The item "Monster Bread" can no longer be used in Ilyzaelle's and Qu'Tan's dungeons because it let you avoid the penalty of the boss room.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented butchers from crafting the item "Jellufo Ghost".
  • Map fixes:
    • Added combat positioning cells to maps where they were missing.
    • Added teleportation spots to maps where they were missing. 
    • The Fishermen's Workshop at [12, -1] now appears on the world map.
    • The Alchemists' Workshop at [-57, 19] now appears on the world map.
  • Corrected the spelling in some NPC dialogues.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the disgrace bar from reaching its maximum.

4. Combat Fixes

Adjustments to Some Combat Challenges

We already explained why it is impossible to completely forget an optional spell such as Summoning of Chaferfu, and we replied that it is complicated to create a whole system for a problem that is only minor. We prefer to look at the problem the other way around by finding out what is wrong with the challenges. 

This is why we are making the following changes:

  • The challenge can only appear when the team has at least 5 levels in the Summoning of Chaferfu spell.
  • The challenge's minimum experience and loot bonuses have increased.

  • The challenge can only appear when the team has at least 5 levels in the Cawwot spell.
  • The challenge's minimum experience and loot bonuses have increased.
  • The challenge's maximum experience and loot bonuses have increased. 

  • The challenge can only appear when the team has at least 5 levels in the Summoning of Arachnee spell.
  • The challenge's minimum experience and loot bonuses have increased.
  • The challenge's maximum experience and loot bonuses have increased.

We would also like to change the way the "Barbaric" challenge works, so we will be back to get your opinions.

Other Changes

  • Circles under characters who are transformed in combat (e.g., Treechnid Dungeon) are now colored correctly.
  • You can no longer get stuck during the current turn if you try to strike in close combat when you no longer have the necessary AP.
  • Fixed an issue that canceled a close-combat weapon preselection at the start of a turn.
  • The text of the Blitzkrieg challenge has changed to better reflect its conditions.
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Update 1.38.2

The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 5/12/22:

1. Remastered-Only Fixes

Fixed Eniripsa and Iop sprites when they are under the effect of a protection potion.

2. Usability and Improvements

16:9 Interface

Added Page Up and Page Down shortcuts to browse the private message history.
Implemented the Shift + Click shortcut to quickly add a nickname in the chat input field.
Added a new option to limit the chat's maximum width, which is turned off by default. This change will let the lucky owners of ultrawide screens add a black sidebar on the unused part of the screen, thereby centering the game window when the chat is wide enough.
You can find it by clicking the game settings (wrench button) and then "Options" at the top left of the window.
Support for 16:10 screens (used on many Mac laptops).
When there is not enough width available, the client will reduce the size of the game space slightly to make the chat wide enough.
The chat will only be cleared if you intentionally disconnect via the main menu.
This means changing characters or losing the connection will no longer clear the chat history.
In dark mode, the color of messages in the "group" channel has changed to better distinguish them visually from the color of private messages and messages in the "team" channel.

3. Non-Combat Fixes

16:9 Interface

The chat input field will no longer be active when you enter the game because it prevented shortcuts from working until you clicked somewhere else.
Game shortcuts with the "F", "C", and "A" keys on the keyboard now work only without "Ctrl" or "Shift" held down; this is to enable chat shortcuts to work, such as "Ctrl + A", which selects all the text.
The mouse pointer icon now turns into a hand when hovering over the interface buttons.
Inserting an item in the chat no longer selects all the text.
Fixed a bug that prevented the "Modern 16:9" option from being turned on by default.
The menu that opens when you click a player's name in the chat now has a fixed position to prevent it from appearing in the middle of the game space.
We have added a height margin to the scroll bar to try to fix the automatic scrolling issue, so it no longer has to be at the very bottom of the chat.
Displaying the commands' help (via the star button) will no longer enlarge the mini-map.
Fixed an issue that could display the movable shortcut bar while the shortcut panel was turned on.
The shortcuts for sending messages in the team and guild channels are no longer switched.

Other Changes

Fixed the movable shortcut bar, which could be placed vertically with more than 14 slots when turned on again.
Fixed a bug that prevented Macs from loading texts on first launch.

4. Combat Fixes

Fixed a bug that prevented states from being displayed.
Fixed the order of damage compacting in the chat, which did not match the monsters hit.