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Version 1.24.0

By June 16, 2008, 17:39:45

The new version 1.24.0 will be available on 17/06/08
Here is a list of modifications brought with this new version:

New PVP system:
The current prism system has been kept, but another way of gaining honour points has been added.

It's now possible once again to gain honour by aggressing someone of the opposite alignment.

Characters can only gain honour points from a "balanced" fight:

  • The winning team will not gain honour points if their total level is more than 25% of that of the losing team.

  • The winning team will not gain honour points if their total level is more than 15 levels compared to that of the losing team.

  • The teams' levels are worked out as follows: (level of highest level player in team) + (level of 2nd highest /2) + (level of 3rd highest/3) + etc.

  • Honour points can only be won from fights with players who have their wings out (PvP on).

  • The amount of honour points won or lost is influenced by the difference in level of the two teams. If the level of your team is 10% lower than the other team, and you win the fight, you get 10% honour points extra. If you lose, you lose 10% less honour points.

  • Enemies with grey wings are too low levelled for you to gain honour points from. However, they can win points from you.

  • Enemies with glowing wings are much higher levelled than you, you can gain a lot of honour points from beating them, and you won't lose any points if you don't win.

  • You'll get fewer honour points with each consecutive aggression of the same person over the course of a few hours.

  • Turning off PvP mode makes you lose 5% of your total honour points.

  • The passive loss of honour points tied to the conquest of territories has been removed.

  • The passive loss of honour points for players present in a territory affected by a conquest has been deactivated.

New creatures have resurfaced, no one knows yet where they have come from nor what they want, but it's certain that each archmonster is much more powerful that the original monster that provided the inspiration for it. There can only exist one example of each archmonster at any given time. You can find them accompanying other monsters of the same family. They're stronger and more dangerous, but also offer better rewards.

  • A new mysterious quest is available from Otomai and his assistant. You will discover and travel all of the Dofus universe while on it.

  • The quest "Potato Head " has been fixed

  • It's no longer possible to go over the limit of 100 mounts per paddock by using mount certificates.

  • The activation of breeding items present in paddocks has been improved.

  • Mounts appear correctly in their paddocks after a server has been rebooted.

  • The bonuses gained passively by mounts have been revised. From now on, mounts will gain a lot more bonuses even if no one is looking after them. We don't want people to feel constrained by having to do a large number of repetitive tasks (using emotes) to raise their mounts. The bonuses passively gained by mounts when in their paddock have therefore been considerably increased. The size of the bonus depends on the quality and number of breeding items in the paddocks. With each passive gain (made at regular intervals, whether the owner is connected or not) a breeding machine in the paddock is chosen at random to give its bonus to the mount as well.

  • Mounts can gain passive bonuses from public paddocks.

  • Mount taming: the spell no longer ends the turn of the caster on a critical fail. The spell now has a new bonus that allows the amount of experience gained by the equipped mount to be increased at the end of a fight. The spell now has a level 6.

  • Soul Capture: the spell no longer ends the turn of the caster on a critical fail. The spell now has a new bonus that increased the probability of capturing a soul at the end of a fight. The spell now has a level 6.

  • Slowdown: The spell is now limited to 4 casts a turn. Points invested in the spell are returned.

  • Time Theft: The spell is now limited to 2 casts per target per turn. Points invested in the spell are returned.

  • Shriveling: the damage is increased at each level of this spell. The probability of a critical hit increases from 1/50 to 1/40.

  • Frostbite: the AP cost of this spell is reduced at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. Damage is increased at all levels of this spell.

  • From now on you can cast glyphs on traps and vice versa

  • The area of effect of "location" type spells functions correctly. Only players present in the aoe (area of effect) benefit from the effects of the spell.

  • Paralysing Poison: damage from this spell is no longer influenced by the characteristics of the target, but from those of the caster.

Conquest of Territories:
  • Teleportation to zaaps or paddocks in enemy territory or territory under attack is now possible once again.

  • Players who form part of the minority alignment can benefit from a reduced usage cost at all Zaaps. The amount of the reduction depends on the global balance of alignments. For example, if the balance of one alignment is two times inferior that of the other, people of that alignment will pay 50% of the normal Zaap cost.

  • Aligned players will now have to pay for Zaaps in areas of their alignment.

  • The displaying of static characters and monsters has been considerably improved (performance gain of 10 to 30% in heavily frequented zones).

  • A new message shows if an exchange has been successfully made or not.

  • The behaviour of monsters towards characters under the influence of the spell Evasion has been corrected.

  • Brumen Tinctorias will now spawn more frequently, as will the three bandits (Edasse the Killjoy and his mates) and Akornaddict the squirrel.

  • Paddock potions no longer teleport people into the middle of the paddock.

  • The last summon summoned by a player will go first (just after the player). New summons will therefore take their turns before those already summoned.

  • The bug, permitting players who sent too many requests to the server, not to activate cells on the floor (like those who teleported you to another floor) has been corrected.

  • From now on, once a summon carried by a Pandawa dies, the Pandawa no longer stays in the "carrying" state.

  • The NPC Morgan Faym'n no longer takes kamas from players before changing their alignment.

  • Female Osa's fishing animation has been corrected.

  • The animation of Male fecas applauding when mounted has been corrected.

  • The walk animation of the Darkli Moon has been corrected

  • The description of a Bag of Oat has been changed.

  • The dialogue of Captain Essacarf has been corrected.

  • The animation of the spell Sacrificed Doll has been corrected.

  • Kimbo's Canopy is now correctly shown on the map.

  • The dialogue of the NPC Chachka has been corrected.

  • The animation of capes worn by running male Ecas has been corrected.

  • Brakmarian wings are now shown at the right height in relation to the players name.

System for dodging the loss of AP/MP:
The systems tested on the Test Server were not conclusive.
Hence, the dodging system will not be modified with version 1.24.
We will test different methods in the following months.
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