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Admins, Game-Masters, Moderators and Mentors

By July 31, 2008, 16:07:12

There seems to be a lot of confusion on what the responsibilities of Admins, Mods, Game-Masters and Mentors are.
Here is some detailed information. =)


Admins are Ankama employees. Depending on their job title, they have different functions and powers in-game and on the forums. Ones you may meet are usually developers, support technicians or community managers.

When you look at their Information ingame, you will see an (Admin) Tag

Community Managers:

CCMs (Content and Community Managers) are Ankama employees (admins). They are active on the forum on a daily basis, and they help form a bridge between the players and the development team. They are responsible for the community websites, devblogs and forums, also for their communitys servers in general and for all the events organized on them. They are the ones in charge of recruiting, giving powers to and supervising the Game-Masters, Moderators and Mentors.

When you look at their Information ingame, you will see an (Admin) Tag
They are either invisible or in a special lion skin.


Moderators are volunteers - NOT Ankama employees. They have limited powers in-game and on the forums that help them sanction players who break the rules and the Terms of Service. They are also the ones who remove bots. Moderators also help Game Masters with events, acting as extra hands or peace keepers. Moderators are the games police officers and do a great service for the community.

When you look at their 'information' and character's name ingame, you will see a (MODO) Tag


Game-Masters are volunteers NOT Ankama employees. They have in-game powers that help them create events. They hold role-play events and write recaps that will later be posted on the Community Website. They make the game more fun and interesting for everyone and add an element of role-play.

When you look at their information ingame, you will see a (GM) Tag.


Mentors are players that help other players in game and teach them how to find their way around the World of Twelve. They can write guides and give helpful tips to new players. They are stationed in Incarnam and do a great service for the community.

When you look at their 'information' and character's name ingame, you will see (Mentor) Tag.

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Ankama Staff:
Here is a list of the core members of our international team as it is today.
I will update it, as change arises.
Keep in mind that there a lot of other people working in production, marketing, web development, communication, etc.

Community Managers:
International Community manager:

  • Kaoly (International/English Community Manager)

Other Community Managers:

  • Sylfaen (French Community)
  • T-Ego (German Community)
  • Mafaldrag (Spanish Community)

English Support:
  • Bii (Support Manager)
  • Redfish (Support Manager)
  • Sato (Support technician)
  • Necros (Support technician)
  • Scythe (Support technician)

English Translators:
  • SmilyCelly (Lead English Translator)
  • Kelloggs (English translator)

Lead Developers:
Lead Developers:

  • Billfr (Lead server developer)
  • Tyn (Lead client developer)

Lead Game Designer:

  • Lichen (Lead game designer)

(Note that I didn't add the whole team of developers, only the ones in charge)
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Volunteer Moderators:
The moderators are assigned to a server, but can go on anyone of the 4 English speaking servers (Rushu, Rosal, Solar, Shika).
So here's a list of all of them together.

Ingame moderators:
There are two types of moderators, Junior and Regular mods.
They have different rights and responsibilities.


[Tsoariveth] -- Head Mod

"Mods in Training"


Forums Moderators:
Most forum moderators are ingame mods, as well. Many started out as forum mods.
All moderators have access to the Technical Discussions forum.

Forums Moderators:

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Volunteer Game-Masters:
Game-Master have a lot of ingame rights and responsibilities, that is why the recruitment is extremely strict and very few are chosen.
They have a lot of rules to abide by, and can only do certain types of events. They cannot summon items or gold.
They have the rights to hold events and stop people from disrupting them, but their priority is doing events.



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