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Modifications brought by the server update 8/18/09

By August 18, 2009, 07:07:55

Artificial Intelligence:

-Optimization: The functioning of the AI is optimized in order to improve the gameplay and to reduce the number of calculations which do not succeed.

-Traps: The monsters will avoid stepping on allied traps if possible.

-Spell reflection: The monsters more efficiently manage pushback, poison and the spells which give bonuses to their allies when their target has a reflection on them.

-Sram's Double: Monsters now prefer to attack the Sram instead of the double when possible.

-Immunity and armors: monsters no longer take these effects into account when healing allies.

-Damage reflection: the monsters correctly weigh the damage they will receive and the damage dealt to the target when the target has a reflection.

-Sacrifice: monsters that can exchange places and damage their adversaries with the same spell (air pikoko for example) manage sacrifices correctly and correctly end their turn.

-Sylvan power: monsters who use these spells (Gink the Sincere and Gink the Swindling for example) no longer target the same ally when possible.

Monsters no longer think that the effects punishments can be unbewitched.

-Kimbo: the spell which changes the state of its summon is now cast with a higher priority than other spells.

-Unbewitchment: monsters who have a spell that both unbewitches and causes damage (Drakoalaks for example) now take into account the damage they will cause, even if they don't unbewitch their target.


Chit-Chat: Postor Nhin will now give a new recipe if the the recipe is lost.


Peki Peki: The number of MP of this monster is reduced.

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