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Ogrines with paysafecard.

By TerrorDetonator July 21, 2012, 19:45:34
Today I've bought a 10€ paysafecard but there is no donation option for that amount. Is it possible to give my code to a moderator and get less Ogrines? I can't get more than 10€ paysafe because our local store doesn't have any more or less than that. Neither donating with credit card because I am too young for it.

I gave 5.92 € from my paysafe in order to become 1 month subscriber. But I am asking again for a further possible purchase.
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You have to talk with support about that. Moderators cannot assist with that.
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You can only spend 5.90€ (1-month) or MORE with paysafecard. It will leave you with 4.10€ which you can use on your next subscription. Buy another 10€ card (14.10€) and buy 2-months. You can always use more than 1 card. Say you have 3 cards with 2€ each, you can use all 3 (6€) at the same time to buy 1-month (5.90€). But always only 1-month or MORE.

They should add weekly subscriptions but it would be more than your average 1 week cost (2€) due to paysafe card taxes. 4x Week subs will always cost more than 1 Month.
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