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Subscribing - why is this game backwards??

By perfectblue22 December 31, 2014, 16:35:29

Every single time you go to make a payment or subscribe on this game there is problems. How can your customer base even support your company when you fail to fix problems?

I am trying to sub 4 x accounts with £50 per account... so £200... and it keeps coming up with choose an address.... but I already have one. I have checked in two browsers and it is quite clearly a website problem and your ogrine sub link is broken too!

I thought would be great to get 4 christmas hat for my characters and the pets all sorted...... tried on all 4 accounts and the same webpage glitch is happening and I have checked country code and my address is fine on the ankama support page.

I am still waiting for you to reply to a support email opened 9 days ago, you were supposed to have better customer support for english speakers, but it just hasn't happened!

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Please keep in mind this is the holidays, a lot of the Support staff for all communities is out on vacation with their families. As such, things slow down, so tickets will take a bit longer and payment issues will not be resolved until things start up again on the 5th of January.

Every community is having issues with subscriptions right now, nothing can be done until the staff comes back after the new year.

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