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Perhaps it is time to end the Dofus relationship.

By Stealthydeath - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 21, 2015, 18:24:12

I have been a very very loyal player. I play with 3 accounts, and I have 4 and a half years of combined subscription. I LOVE Dofus. But there comes a point where something needs to be done. I subscribe with my debit card for all 3, and I have been f2p for multiple weeks now because Ankama is too damn lazy to fix their subscription problem. Every other gaming company I have ever played for has fixed problems like these within HOURS. That's how it should be. We all know that since 1.29 Dofus has created more stuff simply to siphon money from us. (Ogrine system, and everything involved) If you want money so bad, GIVE US THE SERVICE WE DESERVE. Regardless, Its been nice playing Dofus while it was a good game. However, I think that I may have fallen out of love with this succubus. Or perhaps its just a temporary break... We will see.

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Come join us in Wakfu. The subscription system works great for Wakfu, and coming soon (first quarter 2015 from what I hear) they are getting a hero system that allows you to play multiple characters on your account at once (as if they were multimen).

No need for launching multiple clients anymore and switching back and forth between them in order to enjoy that awesome Final Fantasy Tactics style gameplay.

I'm probably not going to be playing Dofus much anymore once that system is released on Wakfu. It's just become far too frustrating to play Dofus, while Wakfu is getting better and better.

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