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No Payment Methods Available from North America

By OhGurl May 04, 2015, 03:26:02
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You can subscribe for 3 to 4 days after making the account, it is an anti-fraud measure.

So give it a few days, maybe a week, then try again and see if you don't have more luck.

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I am a closed beta player, account since December 2005. This game is still the best in my book.

And this game's payment methods are still the worst in the world, period. Since the end of beta. Period.

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Been playing since 2004, or 2005 here... I've paid for years and years of sub time, through paypal and my credit card... Neither option available anymore - credit card because they fudged up last year and were charging me for sub time they weren't giving me (forcing me to cancel my card and file a dispute with VISA after going back and forth with tickets and phone calls to my bank) and paypal because they have it closed off for "security" reasons. I've never had any issues until they started charging me for stuff that was never credited to my account, so I don't know why they have my paypal blocked... I sent a ticket to try to get it re-activated and they told me it had been too long to re-activate it. It was too long because Paypal kept getting shut off, so I started using my credit card... which I will never do again. NOW I have been forced to p2p through making kamas in game and buying ogrines through the exchange, and that is buggy as all get out. Not only is it buggy as all get out, it's no fun worrying about getting enough kamas to sub every week when I could use my real life money to sub and not have to worry for years if I wanted to. My account has NO other options other than credit card and paypal, and paypal does not work.

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