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I'm not able to buy Ogrines

By nesslly May 17, 2015, 18:32:28

I can't buy Ogrines with my credit card

is there any way around this

maybe the devs. could allow the purchuse of Ogrines via safecard?

or can I get a mod to buy Ogrines with my credit card?

anyone else having this issue?

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Ankama had fraud issues around the end of last year, which caused them to have to suspend the credit card option indefinitely. It has not been restored to full service yet.

When the PayPal option is working you can buy Ogrines with that, or with Subway cards, Paysafecards or any other third-party options which are available to your area.

There is nobody you can talk to that can/will buy Ogrines for you, that isn't allowed.

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This is STILL the case. Seriously. Why can't we pay with the "alternate" payment options, such as CVS gift card? Even that was messed up by the fraud issues?

PS: Sorry for bumping a topic that is a few months old, but this problem persists.

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If you hadn't necro'd it, I would have.
It is honestly just completely ridiculous that Ankama hasn't resolved this situation by now, really a bit shameful. If they need to hire outside help in order to fix this, or start from scratch and redo their payment system from the ground up, they should do so.. Don't even have things listed in the shop if purchasing them is literally impossible(where the only payment option is CC, and that's unavailable). >_>

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