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Will you allow me to buy Ogrines, please?

By -LaI- February 05, 2016, 11:50:46

Could someone explain why Ogrines can't be bought from Spain? And before someone suggest going to the Spanish site, I can't. My account is international and if I try to buy something from there I get the "wrong community" error, which is correct and I don't want it changed.

I can buy subscription, but Ogrines are not available except for the 70€ pack. In Wakfu it's even worse, my country doesn't even appear on the selection list.

I know this is not a recent issue, searching saw a topic from 2013 complaining about the same thing.

Is there any chance of this ever getting changed? I really like this game and see no reason why I should not be allowed to give Ankama money.

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A little late, but have you talked to Support about having your account moved into the Spanish community?

If you're in the international community then most options for their community many not even show up for you, because you can't use them.

If you don't want to do that then you're stuck, Ankama is not under any obligation to give international players payment options in countries/communities they don't belong in.

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