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I pay for 1 year subscription but not get subscription

By m2es March 12, 2016, 14:07:47

I pay for 1 year subscription but not get subscription and the money already from my bank account I pay it with Ideal and now I don't have
subscription this really fucked up please respont if you are the staff or know how to fix this

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Go ahead and send a ticket to Support, they can solve the issue for you, and credit you any subscription time you may miss out on.

It may well be that the payment is just in holding right now though, and until Ankama processes the transaction the subscription will not be active, even though you have already sent the money. Either way, Support will square things away for you.

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I had the same thing happen last year and the support people just kept stating I had made no payment/cancelled the payment. I had to cancel my card because it was set up as a recurring charge, and then I had to go through a dispute process with VISA, which I WON. I was just thinking of resubscribing but I am not using a credit card directly ever again because of that, and yet that seems to be the only payment method available for my country right now. I was hoping this problem was no longer occuring.

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