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Paysafecard payment

By xristina-yo - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 14, 2016, 17:19:02

So, I've recently wanted to start playing dofus again , after i quit for the past 4 years and a lot has changed. My main issue here is that I can't pay with paysafecard. Here's the deal
I'm from Greece, I bought a 10e paysafecard and whenever I try to use it either for ogrines or p2p ,I'm told that this market is not available for payment. Do you guys have any alternatives in which I could use my paysafecard to buy subscription ?
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Ty biggrin 

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Same problem here...
Seems that there is no way for me to subscribe to Dofus, after a 18-months absence.

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brooo why do they Always change so much shit. now i have bought again 10 eu paysafecard for nothing. i dont understand this dofus bullshit everytime

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