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Payment option for my country

By August 20, 2016, 08:55:40

Well as the title says can you input a payment option like mobile payment for my country.
I am from philipines. Payment option like Smart or Globe something like that. Cause i really want to buy a subscription package but the problem is i don't have credit card or bank account or what so ever stuff . So please kindly

I really do help that i caught your attention guys, i just really wanted to buy a subscription package .

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Dream on. Dofus sucks at creating an easy way to play P2P.


In the last 11 years I had to resort to paying with PayPal, bank transfer, Credit card, those red cards with the boy whose name I already forgot, Ogrines earned through hard work, and even through some weird UK cash systems, as my job took me through three continents.

Now it's called PaySafeCard? Whatever!

I would gladly pay for a lifetime subscription if they had one. Beating monsters is a piece of cake compared to paying for this game.

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Well i really do hope they would make that happen. Cause i really need that subscription package for entering areas they forbidden non subscriber to enter. And that really sucks. sad.

Is this forum still alive or what?? I dont get any response to the staff or did they just really don't care at all?? The game is good but the payment really is the problem!!.

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