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Open letter to Ankama Support

By worldkit August 25, 2016, 04:30:48
Here is a copy of what my wife and I (two avid Dofus players) wrote to Ankama, through the support website. Needless to say, we are eternal fans of this game, but we are kind of tired of subscription problems, and we simply try to resolve it, once and for all...


I would like to pay for a year (or two years) for my four accounts, namely: the account where I play, the one where my REAL LIFE mother plays (yes, she is [old]), the account of my wife, and the account which both my wife and I are preparing for when my little daughter is old enough to understand to play it too. She is four and a half years old now, and a huge fan of goballs and tofus.
I want to pay via Bank transfer (wire) and I did read the articles you suggest above. But I don't know to which bank account I should wire the money, and how much should I wire for my four (4) accounts, in order to cover subscription costs for one or two years.
Please give me more information on the issue!
(name, address, real telephone number, and personal websites omitted here)
PS: I have been playing Dofus since October 2005.

Now, I think you all might be wondering why we are helpless in this case. Before, when we lived in the USA and in Europe, there was no such problem. We had Paypal, we had credit cards, we had tons of options to keep our accounts on a P2P status.

Now, my job has taken us to the Far East: yes, we are now stuck in Communist China, and from here, subscription is only possible using Ogrines or a thing called PaySafeCard which is not true, because PaySafeCard itself does NOT allow any payments whose IP address originates in China.

Yeah, yeah! I tried VPN, and PaySafeCard will also not allow payment when a VPN proxy is detected, regardless from where you pay.

So, this is why I am kindly publishing my concern (and payment request) here.

Of course, I also published this open letter on any Dofus-related website, as well as (where I am a member since 2006), just to prove the point that DOFUS will and can solve problems for its subscribers!

[Me] and family
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So since you are such longterm players, isnt there someone whom you trust to sub you using the paysafes? Perhaps even a relative from Europe or the USA can do it for you. It only takes like 5 or 10 minutes

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Letting someone else sub his accounts wouldn't mean to give his accounts names and passwords? ph34r
And isn't that a bit against Ankama's rules? :unsure:

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Call Ankama over the phone. Don't take "no" for an answer. Tell them that they want your money. tongue 

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