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Support Response Time?

By Awesomesaucer June 21, 2017, 22:34:30

Hi all!

I had experienced an issue while purchasing Ogrines, and the end result was that I was charged by Xsolla (using a debit card) but no transaction went through on Ankama's end somehow and no Ogrines were received. I sent a ticket to support about this issue about 36 hours ago, and it says the latest activity on the ticket is about 6 hours ago, but there is no reply from them or any refund or Ogrines. In other words, they looked at my ticket 6 hours ago and ignored my problem, it seems...

Has anyone had a similar experience? How long does it usually take to get a response/fix the problem? I am getting very frustrated here; it feels like I just threw money at Ankama and it's enough of an issue to ensure that I never try to spend money on Ogrines again if nothing ever comes of it...

I figured I'd post this update in case anybody ever has a similar issue: I contacted Xsolla directly through their website and they were able to get my Ogrines from Ankama within a few minutes!

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It is usually a good idea to talk directly to your bank or the payment partner in those cases. If a transaction doesn't go through on our end, that's what Support will have to do anyway, so might as well cut the middle man for faster results.

That said, I'd like to point out that the activity you saw on your ticket was automatic, not from an actual Support Agent. After a certain amount of time, an unanswered ticket is given a higher priority to ensure a speedy response. This shows activity on the ticket, but the process itself cannot answer the ticket and let you know.

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