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Can't buy ogrines

By King-the-Third - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 28, 2017, 23:01:25


I've been trying to buy ogrines since monday, but it seems I can't. I'm from the portuguese-speaking community and I'm creating a topic here because I'm waiting for more than a week from a response from the ticket I've opened on the support and our community manager, Lyafar, who answered my topic on our forum at first but then didn't reply anymore. 

What's happening is that when I try to buy ogrines via bank slip (or any other method available in Brazil), after giving my personal information the site doesn't give me any means of paying, like the PDF of the bank slip and Ankama's account for the deposit. When I tried looking on my Dofus account management, my order appears as canceled. The weird thing is that I could buy it just fine last month, but now this is happening. 

I already tried disabling AdBlock, using another browser and buying on another account, but the same thing keeps happening. What should I do?

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Never mind. Just solved it. I had to use another person's ID to buy it. For some reason the payment site is not accepting mine anymore.

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