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Missinformation in the shop led to pointless purchase?

By BogMarsh - SUBSCRIBER - October 27, 2017, 15:48:39

Hello, I've already sent a support ticket on this, but due to fact that it's Friday, I might wait a while for an answer.

I'm playing on my old account, that had characters on a Rushu server (now apparently it's Echo). But came back after almost a year break to try out new mono-servers (choosed Ganymede). After some time passed I've decided to boost some of my power by buying Sidekick Archiduk. Everything went fine... but I can't claim it on a monoserver apparently. I've checked if it actually got sent anywhere - it's available to claim on Echo only apparently (Important: I didn't claim it! ).

While Al-Howin Pack has information about impossibility to claim its items on mono-account server, other items in the shop lack this information. So I sent ticket to ask for at least for cancelling my purchase, as I wasn't informed by Ankama that this purchase will be pointless in my case.

What do you think about this? There is information and I just didn't find it - or it's really Ankama fault on not informing players?

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Although that information is not always overtly apparent in the Shop, it has been included with most of our communications about the Mono-account server.

Simply put, only items from the most recent subscription sets (Novice pack not included) may be redeemed on the Mono-account servers.

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Thanks for the reply. And can I ask if there is a point in waiting that one day it will be possible to claim it on monoserver - or it will never be available on these servers?

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