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Cannot pay for subscription with my card

By leostar#7304 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 18, 2020, 17:03:50

I have been playing on the Temporis server a few weeks now, and have been paying subscription with in game kamas. But it has been getting a lil difficult to do so these last few weeks as I have been more focus on Temporis but cant use in game money from those servers.

I tried using my card to pay for the game but it keeps sending me an error

I know my card is working cause I tried using it on another game and it worked.

So I would like to know, why a gigantic problem still exist?
Does this company know how much money its loosing?
Why cant I pay with my card.

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It says "If the problem persists, Please contact ankama support" ..

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Yes it did. This was already done. But shouldn't have to be. If I as a customer keep having a problem to pay for something on your site, then that to me is a big problem. And this problem isnt with me alone. In addition, I called my bank to make sure it wasnt a problem on their end, which it wasnt.

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Having the same issue. I never had to use their "partner website" to pay for my sub, and it's failing when it tries to redirect to this other site. Gonna try a different browser, using firefox currently.

edit: Tried on chrome and IE, same deal. Currently unable to re-sub.

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Have you tried using a Paypal account, or another payment method if feasible, to buy your sub? If the issue has something to do with how your credit card and Ankama's services are interacting, then trying Paypal could make a difference. I've had a lot of trouble between Ankama's weirdness with payments over the years and also my bank's overzealous fraud prevention, but Paypal is always a smooth process for me.

You would not be able to buy Ogrines in this way sadly, and you should still contact Support for that. But this would be a short-term workaround for your current issue.

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I'll give it a shot.

Edit: Paypal worked. Something still isn't working on card end which will be problematic in the future, but at least I can play now. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hi TotalRepret,

I am having the same issue and PayPal is the solution if you are going to pay using your CC.
Unfortunately, Ankama does not accept ACH (aka wire transfer) for the moment or any time soon.

I did send a request to the support in order to fix the card payment issue but nothing for now.

Hope it helped.

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