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Subscription Issue

By dios-maximus - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 02, 2020, 01:50:49

Hi, i've been feeling nostalgic about Dofus lately and i wanted to come back, again, for the 7th time but i still can't pay for the subscription in any way, neither with my credit car or paypal... can't even buy ogrines, so, i just wanted to know if somehow these options are going to be available someday because i do want to play Dofus but everytime i try to buy a subscription with my money it says " Unfortunately, this item is not available for your community. ".

PD: I'm from Dominican Republic. Hope you guys answer me a soon a possible. Take care.

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This might come off as a silly question but did you try from or /en ? Since you're from DR your account is probably labeled Spanish community, and you might need to make purchases through there specifically.

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Omg, that was actually the issue, it's been so long since i played dofus that i've forgotten the /es label... i thought it was not relevant, Thank you very much! and sorry if the question did in fact came off as a silly one, i really thought it was mayor that this

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