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Paid item never received

By karakum1 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 10, 2020, 19:37:47

I bought "1 x Primate Attire" and i never got it in game. 
The ogrines were paid and I received the "Fabulous Forty Mystery Box" that is supposed to go free with it, but nothing else.

Its not in pending gifts, its not in achievement chests, not in any inventories or bank. 
I did relog multiple times and waited a few hours.

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this might be a late answer and I dont know if you already solved this issue, but normally mystery box's you need to open them on the site, only after that the item goes to the game

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Nah it was a retrieving system issue. A bunch of other items got lost in the void.
I wrote to support and in a quick 2 weeks+ i got the items.

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