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Illyzele massive lags

By Brokchus#5550 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 19, 2022, 08:38:34

Iv been enjoying temporis for almost two weeks since the release. It was fun but get bored after some time. I decided to go back to Illyzele but in result i havent been playing Dofus for around week...

Reason? Massive lags wich to my suprise doesnt occur on osatopia servers. Thanks to temporis less players are online on Illy and yet there are massive lags wich leds me to belivie that some resources were redistributed from Illyzele to temporis servers. Iv been waiting patiently hoping you will soon fix this problem. Im still waiting but my subscription time does not...

Are we going to get any recompensation for the fact we cant enjoy the game we payed for?

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Hello, we are sorry to hear that.
The situation regarding the lags on Ilyzaelle should be resolved and you should be able to play without issues.

We will issue an official communication about this soon to explain the situation.

Thank you for your understanding,

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