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A Little Assistance Please!

By iamkibaky July 02, 2007, 03:45:42

I am currently trying to subscribe to Dofus for one month ( to see if i like it.). Unfortunately it says that my bank is rejecting my credit card or something like that. Not True. I know what the problem is. I am using a visa, But unfortunately my CVV key has to be put in with four numbers. It is a VISA, Which usually take 3 numbers in the CVV key, But mine has to have four. Unfortunately there is only room for three numbers in the CVV key box, so is there anyway I can subscribe with my Visa, and at the same time put in my four digit CVV key?

I know someone is going to say "JUST PUT IN THE LAST THREE NUMBERS"

BUT! it has to have all four or it wont work.

Assistance will be appreciated.

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Well I would recommend you using a different payment option. So no confusion would be cast.

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i have the same problem, but i have 3 CVV though, but it still doesnt work, it says "your bank does not allow it"
so i dont know if there something wrong with dofus or something....

so i think, eventhough you have 3 CVV, it still wont work,, i tried 2 credit cards already, still doesnt work...

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Ya i am having this problem to it says

Your transaction has been refused
Sorry we could not go through with this transaction

or something like that and i have tried with 2 different credit cards sad

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