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Information about subscriptions by Audio code

By [Admin] - ANKAMA - June 12, 2008, 15:23:13
When we switched the subscription page to , we also changed the telephone numbers for audio codes for several countries.

To subscribe by Audio code, you must absolutely respect the following rules:

  • Your account must be valid. This means that you must have entered your full name, date of birth, a valid email address and your full real postal address.

Example: if you have entered Papua - New Guinea as your country of residence just for fun, but you actually live in France, you won't be able to subscribe by Audio code.
So, please check your information in the 'Manage your account' section and update your address or any other personal information.

  • Audio codes must only be bought by calling the number mentioned on the DOFUS website or the ANKAMA websites in general. It is strictly forbidden to buy Audio codes in any other way and ANKAMA won't help anyone who has not complied with this rule.

  • The only number you can use to subscribe to DOFUS by audio code is the one mentioned on the DOFUS website. Even if some people tell you about another number on another website or forum, please do not trust them (even if you believe their intentions are good!) as numbers can change at any time and only the DOFUS website is regularly updated.

  • Selling accounts is strictly forbidden for several reasons. Not only is it cheating but it may also be an attempt on the part of the seller or the buyer to defraud other players and any loss resulting from such a transaction will not be covered by ANKAMA. Besides, accounts are linked to specific communities and it can happen that the account you want to buy won't even work in your language or from your country. ANKAMA does not provide any support for this kind of issue.

  • There is a precise number of codes for each duration of subscription, so choose a duration that corresponds to the number of codes you have.

Example: if you want to subscribe for 3 weeks, you must validate a one-week subscription 3 times - do not select a one-month subscription if you only have 3 codes.
If you only enter 3 codes for a one-month subscription (for which you'd need 4), your codes will be used up, but your subscription won't be validated!

  • Audio codes expire. ANKAMA can assure you that they'll remain valid for at least 24h. So, when you get them, use them as soon as possible.

Reminder: How to subscribe by telephone*:

  • Go to
  • Choose the duration of your subscription and select your gift
  • Log in -Select the method of payment 'Audio codes'
  • Check the billing address and confirm your order
  • Follow the instructions

*only applies to the countries for which this method of payment is available.