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Ogrines FAQ

By August 24, 2011, 12:18:17
User FAQ for Dofus players

What are Ogrines?
Ogrines are a different kind of currency in Ankama games. It will be possible to use them in different Ankama games but so far they only work in Dofus and Dofus Arena. Ogrines are connected to your account, and an account can have a maximum of 180,000 at a time.

How do I get some?
    [*]You can buy them with money:
    In the same way you buy subscription time, you can buy Ogrines. Log in on, click the "Your account" pull down menu. You can then choose the "Buy Ogrines" option. Ogrines can be purchased in batches of 700, 6,000, 13,000, 28,000 or 47,000. With your purchase you will receive gift points that can be used in the gift section. Remember though, when converting your ogrines into sub time, you will NOT receive a subscription pet. (more about that later).[*]You can buy them with kamas
    In game you have an Ogrine Menu. There you can buy Ogrines with kamas. Each server has it's own Ogrine market so the price is different on different servers (more about the market later).
  • You can get them as a prize in a contest.
  • You can get them with other Ankama products.

Why do I need Ogrines?
There are some different uses for them, and there might be new ones in the future.
  • Extend your Dofus subscription
  • Buy an extra character slot
  • Change colour on a character
  • Change name on a character
  • Change gender on a character
  • Restore a character that was deleted
  • Move a character to another server
  • Sell them on the in-game market to get kamas

Linked Ogrines
    [*]What does that mean?
    It means they are linked to your account and can not be sold on the Ogrine market in game.
    Ogrines bought with kamas are always linked and will stay linked, and sometimes when you buy them with money they are also linked for a certain time period.[*]Can they be unlinked?
    Ogrines bought with kamas can never be unlinked.
    Ogrines bought with money can be unlinked by support if you don't want to wait for the time period to pass, just send in a ticket to support.

Watch out! They do expire!
  • Ogrines have an expiration date. Both those you buy for money and those you buy with kamas in game.
  • If you bought them with kamas from the Ogrine market they have an expiration date of 90 days.
  • Ogrines bought with money will last: (AmountOfOgrines/100) + 60 days. For example if you bought 6,000 ogrines they would expire (6,000/100 = 60+60 = 120). You will have approximately four months to use your ogrines before they expire. However, if you don't like math, you can look under Account Management/Ogrines and click on (detail) after the amount of Ogrines you have. There it shows exactly when your Ogrines will expire.
In the interest of all players communities, we evaluated the optimal number of Ogrines that one person could have at a time:
  • Maximum of Ogrines per account: 180, 000 Ogrines
  • Maximum purchase over 30 days: 150, 000 Ogrines
  • Maximum purchase over 7 days: 60, 000 Ogrines

Gift points/Gift section
When you buy Ogrines from Ankama (NOT from the in-game Ogrine Market) you receive gift points. These points can be used in the gift section to purchase an extra reward for you. Like a pet or livingitems. Gift points can be saved and accumulated to purchase a better gift. Gift points do not expire.
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Here you can see your Ogrines and gift points:

Go to and log in. Click on "Character Pages" in the right column, or choose "Your account" located at the top right corner of the page.

Manage my account/Ogrines

Here you find detail information about your Ogrines. It is also where you 'buy' subscription time, add another character slot or buy a potion for name/colour/gender change.

If you click on (details) behind the amount of Ogrines you have, you find all information about them, and also their expiry date.
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Ticket help!

Before we get to the ticket, if you can't see the Ogrines in game or on the 'Manage Your Account/Ogrines'-page, try to log out and back in. That usualy fix that problem.
If that didn't work or you want to unlink your Ogrines, then it's time to send a ticket to support LINK to page.

How the ticket looks like:
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Buy/Sell Ogrines in game

You find the Ogrine market down with the other icons

There are two different markets there. In one you buy Ogrines for your kamas, in the other you buy kamas for your Ogrines.
The three first in each market is for buying, the fourth for you to put up an offer to sell.

What ever alternative you choose to buy is then followed by more details of the offer you chosen. Then you have to confirm that you want to buy.

All offers for selling are possible to cancel, if you changed your mind.

This menu uses your default browser. Problems with it might be because you are using an unusual browser or that you you don't allow cookies in it. Also you can have corrupted cookies and to clear them might solve the problem.
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Today I'm going to show u how to subrscribe with ogrines(I'm making this guide, because tons of peoples ask in the trade/req channel how to subscribe with ogrines).

Firstly I'll show ya how to buy Ogrines(for the new players ;]).
So, when u log in one of your characters click "O" (if u have binded this button to a spell or something else click the icon bottom right)

So, when u click it appears a screen like this

Click on Buy Ogrines in Euros. When u click it it appears a new screen with offers for ogrines

There are Offer suitable for your budget. (I dont really know what this do)
Click choose button on the cheapest price (in the screen are 300 for 1)
You need 700 ogrines to be subscribed for 1 week.

Then again Accept.

Wohooooooooooo u have ogrines for 1 week P2P. biggrin

Now go to Click here and login to your acc
In the main menu bar click Ogrines

When u click it u are redirected to a new page with ogrines offers

Click on 1 Month/ 300 Ogrines (Don't worry just click it ;d)
When u click it u will be redirected to a new Page where u can exchange your ogrines for p2p

Congratulations u are subscribed for 1 week.
Guide made by Bizonov, server Rosal. Soon i'll upload a video tutorial. smile
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