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Ogrines bought in steam

By Zakker12#6462 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 03, 2016, 16:04:06

2 days ago I bought some ogrines in steam (to convert in to kamas in Dofus). Turns out these ogrines were linked to my account so what I did was send a ticket to support. The reponse was this: ' Regarding unlinking your ogrines, unfortunately, Customer Support cannot unlink Ogrines.Please be reminded that Ogrines bought from the Kama Exchange and Steam are linked Ogrines.' After this they say that I have to look here but in there it doesn't say anything about steam ogrines being linked? Can you please change this so people won't spend a ton of money and get linked ogrines in return.

Thanks for reading

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First Ankama intervention
Yes, I will get on that immediately.

Thanks for the report.
See message in context
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Yes, I will get on that immediately.

Thanks for the report.
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I like how Dofus isn't fully linked to Steam, except Steam purchases can be tied into Dofus interactions... Just a matter of time before they merge maybe. smile

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I have the same problem...
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Thank you for reaching out, we would like to recommend to contact the support team in order to check on your Ogrines for you, they will be the ones who will be to assist you with any Ogrines/account issues.

Please do not hesitate to keep us updated. smile
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