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Ogrine purchase fail

By Saladrang August 04, 2016, 15:15:47

About 30 minutes ago I bought Ogrines from the kama to ogrine exchange tab , and the kamas were taken off me but the ogrines were not given.I kept refreshing the page , checking if the ogrines had come or not(they still haven't).I don't know what to do or what is wrong ; can someone help me out?

If anyone is wondering this is my second account, which I was planning to build, I had no problems before with purchasing Ogrines.

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Sometimes someone else beats you to the punch so to speak on hitting the confirm button when buying Ogrines. This causes not enough Ogrines to be available at the price you agreed to buy them for to complete your transaction. The Kamas still get deducted like the purchase went through but you do not get the Ogrines. Not to worry though because the Kamas are still there if you look on the exchange, as if you had sold Ogrines. You'll need to send them back to your server and you can pick them up at the bank after you do.

It sounds like this is probably what happened with your transaction.

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