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Ogrine Limit didn't refresh? Aggravated.

By ZeltsBax - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 30, 2016, 01:45:30

As the title says, it appears the ogrine limit didn't refresh today? I should be able to purchase enough ogrines to class change, however I'm still seeing the message "you have exceeded the amount of ogrines that can be purchased". When I look through my payment history, I haven't exceeded the 60k ogrines weekly nor the 150k ogrines monthly. Nor do I have more than 180k ogrines on my account >_>.

So I don't know what could be the issue, but suffice to say this ambiguous message that doesn't state when you can buy ogrines and what amount is beyond frustrating.

Anyone can shed some light on the issue? Thanks.

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I have same problem. I did send ticket and ankama answered that there are no possibility to change origine limit.
Ofc I didnt exceeded limit. Can't buy even 1000 origines for kamas and its 3 or 4 day already :/

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