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You have exceed the allowed amount of Ogrines that can be bought.

By ElecAquaFire - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 05, 2016, 15:32:28

I believe this is an error ? Whattttt o_O where can I view my purchases

It's been past 7 days already the limit should be refreshed per week ? I class changed yesterday for 20k ogrines and immediately regret it , wanting to turn back this error shows up @[email protected] shhhh~~~

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Well, congratz, you broke the game by being too rich.


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ElecAquaFire|2016-10-05 15:32:28
where can I view my purchases

Go to . You may have exceeded the 30-day limitation or the Ogrine and Kama Exchange limitation.

Each player account is limited in the number of purchases of Ogrines they may make per week. When you attempt to purchase more Ogrines than permitted, you receive this error message:

You have reached the maximum number of permitted Ogrine purchases.

We apologize for this inconvenience as the account cannot make any more purchases at this time. Please wait at least 24 hours before attempting another card payment or contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ankama International Support has mentioned the limitations through the support ticket system:

[Lggrite] Yesterday at 02:57
Hello [first name],

Thank you for contacting Ankama International Support and apologies for the delayed response.

We understand that you wish to purchase more Ogrines. However, for security reasons and as an anti-fraud measure, these limits were set for both the Kama Exchange and the Ankama Shop:

Maximum purchase over 30 days: 150,000 Ogrines
Maximum purchase over 7 days: 60,000 Ogrines
Maximum purchase over 30 days (Kama Exchange): 60,000 Ogrines

Please be informed that this limit cannot be removed. If you wish to purchase more, please wait for at least 8 days from your most recent successful purchase to help refresh the system.

Best regards,

[Lggrite] | Keeper of the Krosmoz | Ankama International Support
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