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How many Ogrines Markets are there?

By Liquid-Flame - SUBSCRIBER - October 27, 2016, 14:24:32

I am wondering how many Ogrines-Kama Exchanges there are. Does each server or language group of servers have its own Ogrines and Kama Exchange market, or does every player of the game see the same exact Exchange market because there is one Exchange market? It is difficult for me to estimate this based upon activity, because I am uncertain what role bots have in the market activity, but I am presuming that there is a single Exchange market that every player sees regardless of which server they use -- French players see the same Ogrines Exchange market as Americans. Please clarify if there is a single Ogrines and Kama Exchange that is used by every server or if there are multiple Ogrines and Kama Exchanges extent.

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Hello, I know that there at least 2 different Ogrine markets and they are dependent on your account's community and not your server. My Eniripsa's account and my Ecaflip's one see two different markets despite having characters on exactly the same server.

Here is the English market (on my Eniripsa's account) :
Click here
at 12:39AM British Standard time. Daily special is 771.2 kamas per ogrines, and there are only 5 offers...

Here is the French Ogrine market (on my Ecaflip's account) :
Click here
at 12:39AM British Standard time. (I used private browsing to not log out this Eni) Daily special is 829.5 kamas per ogrine, multiple pages.

The differences are enormous.

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