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By netusim#5583 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 25, 2016, 19:31:49
Hello, I just got the problem which was here many times before. I bought 50k Ogrines, so if I understand right, another 50k I can buy after 1 week. Another thing is, I started play again after long time, and I tried buy ogrines on my another old account, but I can't cause after what I added payment details it say to me " Your payment could not be credited since no payment has been registered for this transaction." I was paying with credit card and in Britain, I'm trying it third day and for me it is really annoying, cause we got option to buy "game money" for "real money" when we need it, but we basically can't. I will really appreciate for some answer or how to solve this problem. Thank you 
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First Ankama intervention
I apologize, but this is an issue only Support can help you with.
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I apologize, but this is an issue only Support can help you with.
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I already contacted them, but I got e-mail with link, I opened this link and there was OOPSThe page you were looking for doesn't existYou may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved
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That's because you need to be logged into the Support website if you are to check up on your tickets and see Support's answers.
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