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Permanent Ban After Ogrine Purchase

By DatsuLee#6474 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 11, 2017, 22:51:59
Like the title says. Yesterday morning I made an Ogrine purchase on one of my alts. As soon as I finished the transaction I've got a message saying that it will take them 24 hours to handle my transaction or something of the sort. Fine, I'm okay with that and I went back to do something else. I log out from the account and a couple of minutes later I try to log back in and I'm getting a message that says that my account is permanently banned!!! Also, the money for the Ogrines was deducted from my bank account!!! I already submitted a ticket to support and I'm waiting for their response. Is this something that normally happens?? If the account stays banned for some reason, can I get the money I spent on Ogrines back? Also, I p2p recently...what is going to happen to my subscription time while they are fixing the issue? Now I'm really afraid of performing another transaction or buy anything else from the store on my account because I don't want to get banned for no reason at all!!
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If you want support to resolve this, you have to be patient and do not attempt to cancel your bank transaction. Support will no longer help you if your bank cancel the transaction and your account will be permanently banned. Way I see it, your bank transaction might be taking too long to complete the transaction and the payment system thinks that no payment was made.
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It took a week to fix but I'm all set now and pretty happy with support.
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