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buy ogrınes and ı take ban

By Dyphonuss#3241 - SUBSCRIBER - April 01, 2017, 22:29:55
I buy ogrines yesterday.I live in turkey.But when ı try to buy ogrines the system give me error.I am show to system ı live in USA.ı wrote my adress incorrectly ....But the shopping is complate.They took money from my credit card..I take permanent ban.Please help me to solve this problem...

they send me message like this:

Our teams noticed multiple anomalies with your payment. This isn't in keeping with our security criteria.

In order to combat fraud and identity theft, and in keeping with our General Conditions of Sale and Terms of Use, we will suspend your account definitively and indefinitely unless you can provide proof within 7 days that this was an error.

how can ı take back my account ? (SORRY FOR ENGLİSH...)
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You need to contact Support as soon as possible to prove to them that you did not attempt a fraud.
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