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You have exceed the allowed amount of Ogrines that can be bought.

By Mafiyatje#7496 - SUBSCRIBER - October 31, 2017, 09:45:02
i cant buy anymore origines for some reason i've checked the PDF for origines where you can see the max amount of origines that you can buy per month, week but it's impossible for me to have reached that limit. i've calculated everything and together i've bought 59,900 origines this month the max in a month is 150,000
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Did you receive this message on the account you used to post?
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I can't see anything wrong on your account. It is possible that your latest purchases have been closer together than you think, and you hit the 7-day limit. I can only advise waiting for a couple of days and trying again.
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I got the same problem, but i know it has been less then 7 days i bought enough ogrines for a year of sub. The only problem I still don't understand is that i read a post which says the max is 180k ogrines/acc which means that I have a problem as I like to change classes and also sub with in game money. But even if I won't buy ogrines for class changes there is still a max of like 5 year subscription with in game money. Can u explain better how this works?

It is almost 2 weeks later now but I still can't buy ogrines sad Is there a reason for this? I wanna change classes and account

I still cant buy ogrines sad It keeps saying that I exceeded the allowed amount... Is there anything I can do about it?
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An account may only hold 180K Ogrines at any given time.

This means that this restriction isn't on how many Ogrines you can have in total before you're never ever again allowed to purchase them, but on how much you can carry before you are forced to spend them if you want to purchase new ones.

As I understand it, you have every intention of spending your Ogrines, so you shouldn't run into this particular limitation.
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