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Cannot unlink Ogrines purchased with real money through Steam.

By Auraeya#5520 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 30, 2019, 07:40:28
Hello, 6 days ago I sent support a request to unlink 3000 Ogrines I had purchased directly through Steam in order to use on the Kama Exchange, and today I received the following response:

(When you exchange kamas for Ogrines on the Kama Exchange (KE), or purchase Ogrines through Steam, the Ogrines you receive are linked to your Ankama account and are subject to certain restrictions:
  • They can no longer be used on the Kama Exchange
  • They have an expiry date visible in your Account Management interface
  • They cannot be reimbursed or transferred

Linked Ogrines can, however, be used to subscribeacquire items, or benefit from our services.

This restriction does not come from the god Enutrof's unbridled imagination: It was created to avoid speculating on the Kama Exchange and to keep the game's economy healthy. It is a technical limitation over which our Support team has no control.

Thank you for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

I'd like to confirm if this information is true, because the stickied Ogrines FAQ in this subforum states that all purchased Ogrines can be unlinked without mentioning Steam being an exception, and when I purchased the Ogrines I was never forewarned in any way that Steam would sell permanently linked Ogrines. In fact, I wasn't even warned about the existence of temporarily linked Ogrines when performed through any purchase.

The only thing I found after some searching was this thread 2 years ago which has an ambiguous resolution.

Additionally, I may be missing something but why would Steam-purchased Ogrines enable market fluctuation spec any more than Ogrines purchased directly through the website? Is it not simply a different payment platform? Or is it a technical limitation? I have a lot of doubts this is the way things should be and that's why I'm making this thread, rather than waiting another 6 days for support to give me another copypaste message on how I can't use a primary function of the currency which I purchased just for that very function, simply because I didn't read the fine print from a website external to the purchasing platform that doesn't even exist.

P.S. Sorry if I'm a little catty, I'm just pointlessly venting at the macrocosmic state of things (not the people trying to help me, I understand if your hands are tied), and I want it immortalised.
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