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Will my purchased Ogrines vanish if I do not use them?

By ThePker#5309 - SUBSCRIBER - April 24, 2019, 01:55:24
Dear Ankama,

Today I bought 23000 Ogrines, all of which remain are currently linked, some (76 of them) were bought through the Kama Exchange, but the rest were purchased through Steam.

I read this thread and it seems that I cannot use the Ogrines I bought to buy Kamas, but that customer support reply also states that Ogrines bought through Steam aren't permanent, which is incorrect according to my account information page.

So I'm wondering if my Ogrines will eventually become tradeable or not, and want to make sure that if I don't use them they won't go away.

Thank you
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Taken directly from the Ogrine FAQ - not sure if this applies to Ogrines purchased through Steam but it should.

"Watch out! They do expire!
  • Ogrines have an expiration date. Both those you buy for money and those you buy with kamas in game.
  • If you bought them with kamas from the Ogrine market they have an expiration date of 90 days.
  • Ogrines bought with money will last: (AmountOfOgrines/100) + 60 days. For example if you bought 6,000 ogrines they would expire (6,000/100 = 60+60 = 120). You will have approximately four months to use your ogrines before they expire. However, if you don't like math, you can look under Account Management/Ogrines and click on (detail) after the amount of Ogrines you have. There it shows exactly when your Ogrines will expire. "
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That's strange because under Account Management/Ogrines it says "Permanently useable", there is no "expiry date" anywhere...
So confusing
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Since a few years ogrines bought with real money do not expire anymore.
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I am ware of of ogrines bought by real money that these don't expire. Confirmed by many Friends of mine. However, do we consider Steam wallet money as real money? I really hope so but I'd love to get confirmation from Ankama.
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steam wallet count the same as kamas thats what the :(When you exchange kamas for Ogrines on the Kama Exchange (KE), or purchase Ogrines through Steam, the Ogrines you receive are linked to your Ankama account and are subject to certain restrictions: says i think 
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