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Kama/Ogrine exchange

By thetv#4883 - SUBSCRIBER - March 29, 2020, 16:25:18
Hi, I am wondering since the kama/ogrine rate is 372.3k/ogrine right now will change or increase soon. It is at an all time low in the last 90 days, before 3/16 which is when it dropped from 500k/ogrine. Will the kama/ogrine start to increase soon?
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Ankama clearly isn’t doing much to raise the demand for ogrines. And removing the monthly cap on ogrine buying didn’t help matters either.

It’s kind of amazing how worthless real money has become in the game. Usually a company wants real money to be valuable, because then people spend it. Ankama is a strange one...

It also amazes me that people will spend such large amounts of money on ogrines still when the price is so low. I mean, it used to be 800+ kamas per ogrine. You get almost half the kamas you used to!

And finally, Ankama’s “daily special” is not helping the value since it misleads people into getting less for ogrines than they could. Interesting way to treat paying customers... like I said, Ankama is a strange one.
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