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[Devblog] Security: Ogrines and certified Ogrines

By November 09, 2009, 15:06:08

What can you do to avoid scams when you use Ogrines? The establishment of this new system raises many security issues, so today Lotomai will take you through the various precautions you can take, especially the use of certified Ogrines, to secure your player accounts.

You can never be too careful about fraud...

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for what is ogrines accely?

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I actually had a thought in my mind, why not let no security be given for the transaction of Ogrines, this may seem to be astonishing, but it would teach many dofus players to keep in charge of their files a lot better, and to not risk sharing their files, this would deeply help the amount of "I've been Hacked messages", because people would not risk sharing their accounts.

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nah some people are just naturally stupid and will never learn

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rossiscooler|2009-11-13 07:53:00
nah some people are just naturally stupid and will never learn

I totally agree

Lol so many people are complaining that ankama gives low security service, well it doesn't but its like theres a get an million dollars ad that pops up on your computer then you click on it and allow it to upload stuff on your computer.
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haha yah lots of ignorant ppl
I just knw I cant really trust too many ppl other than the ppl I knw rl cuz Ive knwn em forever and they helped me get into dofus
but I dunno in the last few months it seems like more "crime" stuff has been taking place in game like ppl's 'friends' taking stuff or watever whereas they nvr took anything wen they had the ability to take a drop or were helping them do something b4
haha make a cop character in dofus or like an alignment police force I wanna join and stop the badguys lol Im so off but hahaha

KAN ;p

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id love to be a sort of ban cop to target and ban all the spam bots and bots
itd be awesome to hunt down all the accounts being used for bot stuff like these new pm message bots
now i cant even see them they just send me their junk pm message telling me to go to a site yet i can nevver find the
characters on the maps anywhere like they are invisible.

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